Defence Pension Credited through SPARSH Today : You received ?

Respected veteran friends it is expected that everybody has received their pension for the month and everything is going smoothly. In any case, if you have still not received your pension, need not to be worried. Reason for delay in Pension is described here in details. Lets know the facts and act accordingly.

SPARSH pensioners need not to be worried now.  Pension payments to the previously migrated pensioners have started this noon  and most of the SPARSH pensioners have now received their entitled pension into their bank account today.  Though it was a common  practice , SPARSH pensioners get their pension every month on the last day of the month in the early morning.  

You must be aware that pension of Defence pensioners has now been disbursed by CDA (Pension) Allahabad directly through SPARSH System.  Phase wise migration to SPARSH for all Defence pensioners has been started from April 2021 and likely to be completed by the end of 2023.  Phase wise migration to SPARSH pension portal from CPPCs is being carried out with continuous effort of the Team SPARSH of Defence Accounts (Pension) Department.

This month, thousands of Defence pensioners have been migrated to SPARSH and most of them have  got pension  directly from PCDA(P) on 30th August 2023.

On the other hand, the Pensioners who have already migrated to SPARSH in the year 2022 and 2023,  were worried that they have not received their pension till 2 PM today.  Lakhs of such SPARSH pensioners have not received their pension by 2 PM today on 31 Aug .  Whereas, it has been noticed that in past months, pension is credited at early morning of the last day of the month.  

Reason behind delayed pension has been communicated by one of our veteran member. Aafter confirmation from the PCDA officials it has been revealed that due to some problem in Server, pension payment through SPARSH delayed. Now the server is working fine and it may be expected that remaining pensioners who are still waiting for pension, will get paid by this evening or late night. Team SPARSH is trying hard to resolve the issue.

Finally the problem has been resolved and most of the SPARSH pensioners have received their pension  and those who are still waiting, need not to be worrined.  Pension is being paid by PCDA SPARSH directly to your bank and it takes few hours to be completed the batch wise transfer of fund to the beneficiary account.  So, Dont worry.  Relax friend. You need not do anything.  Your pension is yours.   SPARSH pension system is quite effective and working with perfection.  Since the inception, SPARSH has  a sound track record.  So, you may trust upon the team SPARSH and your Pension will be credited soon.  Just wait for a few hours.

If you are facing any kind of difficulties with SPARSH login or in any other issue ?  may follow the following articles to resolve the issues.


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