todays defence news 11 January 2024

Defence News 11 January 2024

SPARSH Campain for Veterans in your City

PCDA has initiated a program to visit various cities to conduct camp for 100% identification / Life Certificate of the veterans who are due for it as on November 2023 and still pending. Details available in the article to read click here.

Maldives and India Relation

Maldives government has suspended three ministers over derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Modi after Maldives high commissioner was summoned by Indian foreign ministry.  . The Maldives government has hit back by summoning the indian high commissioner. Maldives president has arrived in China and he is set to sign several agreements to bolster bilateral ties.

Election in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has secured a record fourth straight term, and she has said that Bangladesh is lucky to have a trusted friend like India. 

DRDO launching Anti Ship Missile

The DRDO is all set to start development and manufacturing of advanced turbo gas generator engine for anti ship cruise missiles that will be completed in three years. 

Media reports indicate that the US aims to conclude the F 414 engine deal with India soon . That will equip indigenous fighter jets like Tegus Mark DII, TED BS and AMCA. 

Combat Drone in its efficient work

Space research and technologies has demonstrated its combat cloud platform designed for data fusion and distribution within drone swarms. A swarm of uavs took off, executed complex tasks using collaborative autonomy and artificial intelligence, and safely returned to base and all under remote command. Through combat cloud, each drone acted as a sensor and processor, contributing to a shared intelligence picture that empowers faster command and control and intelligent decision making at the edge of the battlefield. The combat cloud platform will also foster collaboration between drones and manned platforms, enabling manned unmanned teaming. 

Latest Naval Air  Equipments

After completing its first flight in August 2023, the latest naval Tejas prototype, NP five, has successfully completed a series of landings and takeoffs from India’s indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. The data collected from NP five carrier operations will significantly expedite the design and development of the TED BF, and it can also serve as an effective training platform for Indian Navy pilots, familiarizing them with carrier operations and honing their skills for future TeD BF deployment. 

DRDO Trials on New Warfare System

The DRDO has successfully completed the field evaluation trials of the Dharashakti electronic warfare system that signifies a major step forward in India’s quest for robust electronic warfare capabilities. The state of the art system encompasses a comprehensive array of entities to address control countermeasures, jamming, disrupt enemy communications, reconnaissance, and direction finding in diverse terrains such as deserts and plains that will allow indian forces to pinpoint enemy positions and gain valuable tactical advantage. 

India will supply AL 41 to Russia

During the recent visit of indian foreign minister to Moscow, russian officials had once again reiterated the offer to supply the AL 41 F1S  engine for India’s super Shookhoya upgrade that boasts a thrust of 142.2 km.

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