Defence and Civil Pensioners Likely to get Additional Pension after 65 Years of Age ?

A large number of pensioners are waiting for approval of MoF for grant of additional pension from the age of 65 years.  In this article we will discuss the Govt initiative on the issue.  We have received  a huge number of queries on social media, many people are saying that they will get an additional pension in 65 years. How much truth is there in this? Let’s know details here.

Many videos and articles on grant of additional pension after completion of 65 years of age are going viral on social media. Some veterans have also shared such videos with me on WhatsApp. In those videos, they are saying that additional pension will increase by 5% in 65 years, 10% in 70 years, and 15% in 75 years. In this, some family pensioners’ dependents are saying that our pension is not increasing. Should we file a case for this? If I talk about it, some wrong information is reaching you. I thought that I should definitely talk about this topic. And this is additional pension. 

If additional pension is completed in 80 years, after 80 years, the 20% extra pension that is received, will be received, but when? When veterans or family pensioners complete 80 years. After completion of 79 years of age, no additional pension granted. Earlier, the pensioners who filed a case, they used to get additional pension after 80 years. Without a court case, even that was not happening. Now, there is no option for a court case. The central government has taken this case to the Supreme Court. There, the case of additional pension is in a little tension. So don’t think of filing any case regarding this. 

Because it is possible that many veterans and dependents do not even know that if it is a matter of defense, then they have to go to the AFT. They are also thinking of filing an additional pension case in the High Court. So they will get into unnecessary trouble. So no one should file an additional pension case now. With this, additional pension 5% on completion of 65 years as it is expected to increase 10% in 70 years, 15% after 75 years has not been approved by the Govt till date. This kind of expectation from immediate effect is absolutely wrong because it has no existence in the rules as on date.

The central government has not passed any such proposal or order till date. Nor has the central government made any such announcement. Yes, the fact is that the various central Govt Employees associations/ organizations have sent a file to the Ministry of  Finance. Through a letter, they have sent a proposal that keeping in mind the condition of the pensioners, because in old age, there is a lot of expenditure of medicines, etc. And you all know that the issue of additional pension is for all central employees. 

It is not just for our defense, the Railway Department, the Postal Department and other civil organisations are also to be included. So keeping in mind everyone’s interests, this proposal had reached the Ministry. Instead of 80 years, start additional pension with 65 years. 5% in 65 years, then 10% and 15% like this. In 80 years, it is 20%. But this has not been passed yet. Nor has the central government announced anything like this. So now only additional pension will be available after 80 years. Additional pension for less than 80 years of age is not going to start so soon.

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