CSD Smart Card Renewal System Changed : Connected to SPARSH

Renewal of CSD Smart card every year was necessary for all ranks / beneficiaries which  has been reconsidered by the CSD authority and it has been decided to be modified  as the renewal system is no more required.

To purchase an AFD item, you must upload all your eligibility documents i.e your PPO/ discharge order, Identity Card, KYC Documents etc . After due consideration of the requirement and changes in scenario at present days govt authority has decided to discontinue  the yearly renewal system of the CSD Smart Card.     

According to Guidelines dated 26 Sep 2012 and 08 Mar 2021, process  of renewal of Canteen Card was adopted to ensure the correct use of the canteen facilities to entitled persons only.

Govt authority has felt that the renewal process  makes significant inconvenience to our veterans and  it has been decided  that the renewal process will be discontinued wef 01 January 2023.

CSD Card of non-entitled holders will be discontinued through PCDA and SPARSH system.

URCs have been directed that the entitlement will be ensured by them after checking the documents and entry will be restricted  accordingly.

The above information has been disseminated by the QMG Branch of IHQ of MoD  (Army) for awareness of all concerned.  To know more you may follow the youtube videos by clicking here.


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