CSD Grocery and Liquor Quota Latest Rules

CSD Canteen and its role in the life of Serving soldiers and ESM

Today CSD is supplying daily needs of defence fraternity of over 13.5 million serving personal, pensioners and families. The Armed Forces Canteen is widely popular for variety of grocery (FMCG) items, home appliances, electronic gadgets, vehicles and the most attractive thing is Liquor.  A Wide range of Liquor (Wine) is available in all CSD functioning throughout the country which caters the requirement of serving soldiers and ex-servicemen. The rules of purchase of all kind of grocery items, AFD and Non AFD items and Liquor is changing frequently depend upon the demand of the time. In this article you will be aware of such updates of the purchase of liquor quota in Defence Canteen. While anticipating the next round of changes in a now resurgent India, the CSD Directorate is confident of their ability to continue fulfilling their mandate to the soldier and his family.

Present Rules of CSD drawing of Liquor Quota.

Since inception of Smart Card, all serving soldiers and pensioners was entitled to draw his grocery and Liquor quota from any CSD located anywhere in India.

The Revised Rules of CSD

According to the letter letter dt 18 August 2021 of Integrated HQ of MoD(Army), QMG Branch, CSD Directorate :

Revised Rules for CSD Grocery Items

: All authorized beneficiaries of CSD i.e Serving soldiers, ESM     and civ /pensioner can draw grocery items from CSD canteen located at anywhere in   the.      No URC will deny to purchase of grocery items to any authorized beneficiary.  However ESM should preferably collect grocery from the dependent canteen.

Revised Rules for CSD Liquor quota drawings

Revised Rules of CSD for Serving persons

All serving persons of Indian Armed Forces can draw their liquor quota from any canteen.  No canteen will deny the serving persons irrespective of their dependency.  While on Leave, Temp Duty or training in out station, can draw their Liquor quota from the home station/ station where he is presently on temp duty.

Revised Rules of CSD for Retired persons/ESM

ESM can draw their liquor quota only from their dependent URC due to several administrative issues.

 Details of the update can be read directly from  the official website of CSD   website www.csdindia.gov.in

You may know details of purchase of AFD items  and contact to the vendor concerned and at official website of CSD AFD online website. To get the lates news related to Online CSD item purchased and solve your CSD smart Card related issues, please visit the articles on CSD latest News

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