CSD Liquot quota and grocery items

CSD Liquor and Grocery Quota Purchase Limit Doubled

All ranks of defence personnel including veterans  are entitled to get CSD benefits as per entitlement rules.  Recently Govt of India , Miistry of Defence, IHQ MoD, CSD Directorate has issued guidelines in this regard wherein some increase in Liquor and Grocery item purchase limit in a month has been mentioned.

Previously CSD beneficiaries could draw monthly entitlement of liquor from URCs in advance (two months entitlement in one month) till 2018. However, this facility was withdrawn in 2019.

CSD grocery liquor in credit debit card
CSD grocery liquor in credit debit card

After due deliberations, discussions with all stakeholders and validation of technical parameters, the CSD authority has decided to allow purchase of two months entitlement of liquor and grocery in a single month (where required), to all CSD beneficiaries wef 01 Jan 2023. This is just advance drawn in a month.

Details of the purchase process and entitlement are narrated in the following paras :-

Drawing of Extra Liquor Quota in CSD for all Ranks.

Beneficiaries can draw liquor entitlement (full or part) of next month after exhausting the liquor entitlement of current month. It will have a rollover facility. 

For Example. If beneficiary buys full quota of Jan 2023, he can buy full or part quota of Feb 2023 in Jan 2023. In Feb 2023, he can buy balance quota of Feb 2023 (if any) and advance quota of March 2023. Accordingly, the quota will continue to rollover. 

Govt Jobs Notificateion for Exservicemen and Fresher

Drawing of Extra Grocery Quota in CSD for all Ranks. 

The beneficiary will be permitted to buy grocery quota as per his entitlement for two months in a single month. Rollover facility will not be available; however, it will be a cycle of two months each. 

For Example. In Jan 2023, a beneficiary whose monthly entitlement of grocery is Rs. 5,500/- can buy grocery upto  Rs. 11,000/-. Quantity permitted for individual items will also be doubled. If number of biscuit packets permitted for one month is 20, individual can buy upto 40 packets. The beneficiary can buy grocery for Rs 11,000/- or less in Jan 2023. In Feb 2023, he can buy balance quota of Feb 2023 (if any) from that card. For March 2023, the system will restart again for two months i.e March and April. The purchase will be in sets of two months each. 

The canteen authority has undertaken necessary changes and modifications in the Canteen Inventory Management Software (CIMS).

To read the original letter published by IHQ MoD, CSD Directorate vide No. 95350/Q/DDGCS/Policy dated  19 Oct 2022 may be read as placed below.


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