CSD canteen latest rules 2023

CSD Latest Rules 2023 :More Benefits – More Easy

CSD stands for Canteen Stores Department, which is an organization in India that provides a wide range of products at subsidized rates to the defense personnel of the Indian Armed Forces, including serving military personnel, retired soldiers, and their dependents. CSD operates a network of canteens or stores across various defense establishments throughout the country.

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The primary purpose of CSD is to provide quality goods and essential commodities to defense personnel and their families, including groceries, household items, electronic appliances, automobiles, and other consumer products. These products are offered at relatively lower prices compared to the market rates, as CSD purchases them directly from manufacturers or authorized dealers, bypassing the middlemen and associated costs.

The availability of subsidized products through CSD is one of the benefits provided to defense personnel and retired soldiers as part of their welfare measures. It aims to improve their quality of life and support their families by offering essential goods at affordable prices.

To be eligible to purchase goods from CSD, defense personnel, including serving officers, soldiers, and retired soldiers, need to obtain a CSD Smart Card. This card serves as an identification and access card to make purchases from CSD outlets.

It’s important to note that CSD is primarily intended for defense personnel and their authorized dependents, and its services are not available to the general public. The specific rules, eligibility criteria, and product availability may vary, and interested individuals should refer to the official guidelines and procedures set by the Canteen Stores Department for detailed information.

Latest rules of CSD is to access the benefits by a CSD Smart card holder to any Unit Run Canteen of the Country irrespective of his place of residence/ unit location. Original letter is also placed at the bottom. Extract of the letter is appended below :-

2.         With immediate effect, all CSD beneficiaries are permitted to purchase grocery and liquor as per their entitlement, from any URC. No URC will deny sale of grocery and liquor to an entitled CSD beneficiary holding a valid CSD Smart Card. This policy will be reviewed after six months (01 Dec 2023) based on success of the project and capability of certain URCs to absorb additional beneficiaries.

3.     However, the system of nomination of a dependent URC for ESM by their Station HQ will continue for the purpose of forecasting demands and claiming ADLRS. The demands will be based on server generated dependency only.

4.         The contents of this letter may please be disseminated to all fmns/ Units/ URCs for strict compliance and wide dissemination to beneficiaries.

5.         This letter supersedes all previous instructions on the subject.

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