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Integrated Sainik Complex (ISC) for Veterans

Integreted Sainik Complex is a new Concept that has already been iat implementation stage in various states. In Telengana Two different Integrated Sainik Complex is already in function. We must know what is Integrated sainik Complex ?

Very often it is seen that ESM used to visit at the CSD which is located at Military establishement or Station HQ, ECHS is attached to Military Hospital and Sainik Rest House is at different placed. It creates a scattered organisational structure and very diffcult to manage by the administrative authority. Considering easy access, confort and easy administration, Govt of India has planned to establish Integrated Sainik Complex at the Civil area which will comrprise ECHS Polyclinic, CSD Canteen, Placement Cell, Sainik Rest House and Offices of sainik Welfare. The Infrastructure will be developed by participation of Centre and State, both the authority. Grants for consturctions have been released for Telengana state by Centre and state both during last 3 Financial Years for construction of such 3 ISCs.

During the yearly meeting of Kendriya sainik Board with other stake holders and Ministers, the concept of ISCs has been promoted and it has been proposed that such Centres should be established at all States. Lets have a look to the minutes of the meeting of 11 Apr 2023.

Minutes of the Meeting on 11 April 2023 Ser No.13. item 4 Integrated Sainik Complex (ISC).

(a)   Discussions.. ESM community is being provided the facilities of ECHS Polyclinics, CSD Canteen and Sainik Rest Houses (SRHs) with/ without RSB/ZSB office, each of which have their own independent procedures for setting up/ maintenance. The SRH component as of now is being provided 50% of cost of construction by Central Govt. It was proposed to have these facilities co-located in an integrated complex for the convenience of ESM.

States of Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana had already commenced operating ISCs. While there was broad agreement on the need for an integrated facility, it emerged that while the existing facilities could not be changed, any new ZSB/SRH/ECHS Polyclinic/CSD Canteen being set up should be in an integrated format. The following points were brought out by various dignitaries:-

  • Dr. Gaurav Uppaal, Representative. Telengana.   Telengana State has already constructed 03 ISC and 01 is under construction. Amount of Rs. 3.75 crore as Central Share for construction is awaited.
  • Sh. Kailash Gehlot. Minister In-charge, Delhi: The concept of ISC is highly appreciated. Delhi has typical problem of land availability due to massive urbanization and seeks assistance for provision of land for construction of ISC.
  • Sh. Ashish Butall. Minister Incharge. HP.    In view of geographical condition of the State. it is always a challenge to identify suitable location for construction of such facilities.
  • Lt. Gen (Dr) DP Vats (Retd). MP Rajya Sabha). ISC will be very useful in providing various facilities to the Veterans especially in non­military stations Various Military Camping Grounds in Non Military areas may be considered for this project. It will also obviate the problems related to encroachment of these military Camping Grounds.

(b) Decision : Integrated Sainik Complex is the way ahead to optimise the land resources and also to provide convenience to ESM community. Towards this the following should be implemented: –

  • All State/UT Goyts should consider the Integrated Sainik Complex
    model for any new ZSB and SRH projects, renovations. KSB/ DESW will contribute 50% of cost for such project as done at present for SRH.
  • DESW (KSB Sect’ ECHS) and !HQ MoD, Army WAG Branch (DDG Canteen Services) are to work out modalities and formulate policy for implementation of concept of Integrated Sa rid< Complex

(c)  Action Bv. State/UT Govts. DESW (KSB Sect. ECHS). QMG Branch/DDG Canteen Services.