CSD Card New Orders from QMG Br – Must Follow to Purchase Goods

CSD is in service to the defence serving persons and retired soldiers since long. It has been assured by the authority of defence HQ that the CSD beneficiaries should aware of the updates on the latest rules and regulations of the canteen services which is essential for the serving soldiers and veterans.

To keep continue your goods purchase from the CSD it may be AFD or non AFD items (Grocery) or Car TV, Bike etc , must keep your card active. In this regard the CSD authority has issued guidelines which is reproduced below :-

Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
Quartermaster General’s Branch
Dte Gen Canteen Services Wing-.111,
West Block; Ill, R K Puram,
New Delhi-46

95365/Q/DDGOS/SCPL/Cor/374                            31   Oct 2023

RSB, Rajasthan Room No 7225
Khaadh Bhavan Second Floor, Sectt
Jaipur, Rajasthan — 302 005


1.     Refer your letter No 32 (1) S.K.V/10821-24 dated 09 Oct 2023.

2.    The issue raised vide ibid letter has been analysed and comments are as under:-
Date of expiry of Canteen Smart Card is printed on the bill alongwith an alert message six months before the Card expires.

  • Existing cards can be retained by the beneficiary till receipt of new cards & remain functional till date of expiry.
  • In newer cards, date of preparation of the card is also printed on the card so that beneficiary is aware of the date of expiry of the card which is 10 yrs from the date of preparation.
  • In cases, where the new cards have not been received even after a period of 90 days of submission of the application or any other genuine case, the URC manager can issue stores to such individuals from Bronze cards on case to case basis.

 3.        Accordingly, the beneficiaries should be advised to check the bill/ card carefully and submit application for new card atleast 90-120 days before expiry.

4.      For information and wide dissemination amongst the veteran fraternity.

(Abhishek Sharma)
Lt Col
for Brig CS

Copy to:-

KSB – for dissemination to all RSBs.