Crime With SPARSH : New Fraud Targettng Defence Pensioners

SPARSH Fraud Scam : pTargettng Defence Pensioners

With advancement of digital application in our daily life, cyber crime is also increasing day by day. Pensioners are mostly dependent on the one and only income from pension, so, are quite careful on continuation of its payment. But, you must take care of ongoing Fraud with your Pension.

Defence pension is now being paid through SPARSH. Pensioners are facing difficulties in login and further process. Fraudsters are grabbing this as opportunity to steal your money from bank.

Currently, an online cyber crime is rampant on network targetting the ESM at large who are migrated to SPARSH.

The fraudster calls the pensioners as if he is from SPARSH, PCDA, Allahabad.

First he asks for PPO number, Aadhaar number input.

The victim is then diverted to Whatsapp and he sends link namely QUICK SUPPORT prompting the victim to give the entire details of bank a/c number, mobile number, PAN etc.

Few moments later you are robbed completely of your Bank balance.

The fraudster collect details from CSCs across the country, with the help of dishonest dealing persons of Digital Technology.

This happened frequently in the remote town to metro cities, everywhere.

Pl do not react to any phone call, SMS or whatsapp message especially who are experiencing difficulties in PDV after migration.


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