Correct Procedure to Maintain your SPARSH Profile

Your Pension related information is now maintained in SPARSH Portal. Your pension has now migrated from Bank to SPARSH.  Bank will not keep any of your pension related information  nor can you now approach your Bank on any matter of pension.  So, it is important to know the entire things about your SPARSH profile and how to update the SPARSH data at your own.

Your profile can be accessed only with valid credentials.  Your SPARSH user ID and Password is received on your mobile number and email that was earlier registered with SPARSH.  If not received till date you may lodge a grievance on SPARSH Portal as described in our another article on this website.

Assuming that you have already received your user ID and Password.  Now lets experience how to maintain your SPARSH profile to the optimum level so that your pension related issues are resolved.  Here is a list of such actions that can be completed using SPARSH Profile.

  1.   Verification of Documents and if any discrepancy/deficiency in the information available in your SPARSH profile, you may inform it through Grievance redressal mechanism supported by documentary evidence.
  1. Check the date of the next Life Certificate due to be submitted and take action accordingly.   
  2. Confirm that Name of your N.O.K who is authorised to get Family Pension has been mentioned or not.  The name should be correctly written and her/his date of birth, PAN Number, Aadhar Number, Contact details  etc must be entered.
  1. Confirm that name of your Children along with date of birth and Aadhar Number must be mentioned
  2. Your present address supported by a valid document must be uploaded.
  3. Your Personal details i.e Mobile Number, PAN Number, Aadhar Number etc must be mentioned.
  4. You may find option to rectify all the personal and family details once login to the SPARSH portal.

At present, there may be abnormal delay in approval of rectification of personal details due to technical reasons.  Your pension details i.e  Notional pay, disability pension, Deduction Commutation amount  also required to be checked properly and in case of any deficiency / discrepancy, may raise a grievance following the grievance mechanism system available in the SPARSH Portal. 

Pre 2016 pensioners also be able to access document update services at present as technical feasibility established .  Now almost 95% legacy pensioners have been migrated to SPARSH portal, everything is running fine .  Data update involve approval of Recrd office/ PAO also, so it may take time. However, for abnormal delay you may directly contact to the SPARSH nodal officer in any working hours.  

Defence pensioners may  contact the authorised SPARSH Service Centre for any kind of help and support regarding SPARSH Related issues.  Contact details of PCDA(P), Prayagraj, Team SPARSH are available on our website, may be followed.


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