This Rules of Defence Pension is Essential for all

Various types of Pensionary Awards for Armed Forces Personnel on retirement/release are as under :

1.  Service Pension

Service Pension  for  Regular Army/Air Force/Navy/DSC  Personnel

What is Service Pension ?

Service Pension is a pension, which is sanctioned to a P.B.O.R. on Completion of his terms of engagement for the qualifying service Rendered by him in the Armed Forces.

Conditions of Grant of Service Pension

(a)        Minimum qualifying service without weightage to earn a Service pension is 15 years (20 years in case of NC (E))

(b)        Linkage of full pension with 33 years of Q.S. is dispensed with from 01.01.2006.
Now pension of PBOR will be calculated at rate of 50% of emoluments last drawn
or average of reckonable emoluments drawn during last 10 months which is more beneficial.

(c)        Authority :G.O.I. letter no 17(4)/2008 (2)/D(Pen/Pol) dated 12/11/2008.

(d)        The above calculated service pension shall in no case less than 50% of notional pay in the post – 01.01.2006 revised pay structure corresponding to the maximum of Fifth CPC pay scales including whole of classification allowance last drawn in the rank and group held of the time of discharge / invalidment. The amount so determined will be the pension for 33 years of reckonable qualifying service including improved weightage (except TA personnel) as given below at point IV. For lesser period of reckonable qualifying service this amount will be proportionately reduced.

(e)        After 01.01.06 with the implementation of the order on “Improvement in the Pension of PBOR” the weightage in respect of Sepoy, Naik and Havildar has been raised to 10 years, 8 years and 6 years respectively (for all past and future retirees.) subject to a restriction of 30 years as maximum qualifying service. The benefit would be given only in respect of Service Pension.

(f)        The amount of pension finally arrived at will be subject to a minimum of Rs. 3500/- per month from 01.01.2006  and Rs 9000/- wef 01.01.2016.

Authority :G.O.I. letter no 14(3)/2004-D(Pen/Sers)/Vol.III dated 01/02/2006 and 02/05/2006.The service pension in respect of PBOR for 33 years of qualifying service is calculated at 50% of the maximum of the scale of pay, including 50% of the highest classification allowance, if any, of the rank/pay group actually held continuously for 10 months (or maximum period of 10 months) before the date of discharge subject to minimum of Rs.1275/- p.m.(Rs.1913/- pm after merger of DP)(5th CPC rate)

Service Pension for TA Personnel

No service pension in respect of TA Personnel was admissible prior to 11-06-1985. Minimum qualifying embodied service to earn service pension in respect of TA Personnel is 15 years . 5% cut is imposed on the pension who have completed 15 years or more aggregate embodied service but have not completed 20 years of aggregate embodied service. In no case the pension so calculated should exceed the normal pension of a regular Army personnel for same rank and length of service.

Service Pension at Own Request

No service pension is admissible if the individual is discharged at his own request, if the qualifying service is less than 15 years. In case qualifying service rendered is 15 years or more, Service Pension is admissible for the rank and group and qualifying service rendered as in case of those who discharged on completion of terms of engagement.

Service Pension On Dismissal

Service pension is not admissible if the individual is dismissed from service under Army Act. However, service pension is such cases is admissible at the discretion of the President not exceeding the rate which would have been admissible had he been discharged in normal circumstances.

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