Commissioned Officers getting more and more but Jawans/JCOs are deprived over the years : Says Veterans

The issue of alleged discrimination between commissionedofficers and jawans in the Indian Army is a complex one and has been a matter of concern for several years. Many in the Personnel Below Officer Ranks (PBOR) category have expressed their disappointment with the current system of administration in the Indian Armed forces whcih was introduced by the British during their ruling in India.

One of the primary concerns is the difference in pay scales and perks between officers and jawans. Officers in the Indian Army enjoy significantly higher pay scales and benefits compared to PBOR, which has led to a perception of discrimination. Additionally, officers are also given better opportunities for career progression and are often given preferential treatment when it comes to promotions and postings.

Another issue that has been raised by PBOR is the lack of representation in decision-making processes within the Indian Army. The voices of PBOR are often ignored, and their concerns are not given due attention.

To address these concerns, there have been calls for a more equitable system that provides equal opportunities and benefits for all ranks. The Indian Army has taken steps in recent years to address these issues, such as the introduction of a new pay commission, but more needs to be done to ensure that the concerns of PBOR are addressed.

It is important to note that the Indian Army is a hierarchical organization, and differences in rank and status are a natural part of the system. However, efforts should be made to ensure that all ranks are treated fairly and with respect, and that the concerns of PBOR are given due consideration.

Some specific discrimination which are repeatedly claimed by the PBOR category in various media including the agitation organised on 12 March and still the jawans are protesting at Jantar Mantar are as :

(a) Time Bound gurranteed Promotion after completion of service length 3 yrs, 6 yrs, 13 yrs and 17 yrs for officers only. Whereas an Enrolled Sepoy retires in Sepoy rank even after rendering 17 yrs of service, its very shameful for decision makers.

(b) Inequality in Miliatary service pay even both the categories i.e officers and PBOR served in similar hostile environment. Even though the MNS officers are getting higher scale of MSP than JCOs/OR.

(c) OROP scheme has been implemented to get maximum benefit for officers only whereas most of the PBOR are not getting any benefit from OROP.

(d) Disability pension awarded to offrs and PBOR has a vast difference. Offrs are getting 5 times more amount of disability pension than PBOR for same disability and that originated by the same reason.

(e) No Study leave allowed for PBOR. A large portion of CSD Profit goes to officers Mess and Zero for PBOR Mess. Quota of CSD items, Liquor is too much in comparision with PBOR. Everywhere, it has been found a huge difference in entitlements between officers and PBOR category personnel.

(f) Pay of an officer has been increased in notable higher ratio in comparision with the PBOR over the years from 2006. An officer is getting Pension Rs 70,000/- more than a PBOR, yes , it is a real fact.

(g) After retirement career opportunity for officers is 99% more secure than PBOR. JCOs/OR are offered to the post of security guard only and their skill and educational qualification is totally ignored. Competitive examinations are only PBOR, officers are appointed on the basis of last rank held and without any selection examination.

The list of disparity and discrimination is too large. Only positive mindset of policy makers can remove the discrimination and bring parity to make our defence forces free from the thumb rule of seventeenth century.

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