Commencement of Training of Indian Territorial Army in a Year & Month with Notification Details

Training period of TA Officers

Training as you may call, but otherwise, Annual training Camp (ATC) mandatory for all part time TA officers to attend once in a training year. ATC will be held for 2 months during the currency of training year in units where TA officers are presently posted and prior to the commencement of ATC, intimation will be given to the TA officers much in advance to ensure their attendance. And the training year of TA commence from 01 Apr of the current year to 31 Mar of the next year.

Selection and Call for training of Territorial Army

Once you get selected in the SSB and clear your medical exam, there will be a police verification and thereafter your papers will be processed by the TA Dte ( TA-4), New Delhi and they will post you to an infantry TA unit in the appointment of Company Commander in a peace location. You have to join your unit within the stipulated time as per the letter since your medical examination is valid only for six months. Your arrival report and new commissioning Pt 2 order will be published and you will undergo an orientation training in your unit for 30 days. MS-8C will process your papers for taking formal sanction from Govt of India for your commissioning in TA and they issue you with a TA number for use in your personal correspondence. During the training, you will be pipped with two stars and will be promoted in the unit as a TA officer in the rank of Lt .

The Training – When and How to Participate

Now , depending upon the time frame, you can undergo two months of ATC in the unit or they may sent you for three months of post commission training in IMA. After the training at IMA gets over, you report back to your unit . Depending upon the strength of officers posted in the unit, you will either continue to stay with your unit provided you have given your willingness to serve continuously either in peace or field for a term not less than 1.5 to 2 years. If you are unwilling to continue, then you will get orders to proceed on disembodiment , but you will remain in the supernumerary strength of the unit for the duration of disembodiment. Your pay and allowances for the duration of duty or training can be claimed through PCDA(O) Pune by initiating pay claims on monthly basis on the strength of Part 2 order.

For more information on Territorial please follow official website of the Indian Army.


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