Detailed Clarification on GMO ER 2023 by MoD (Naval) dt 03 Nov 2023

clarification of GMO ER 2023

GMO and ER 2023 has been published on 21 Sep 2023 and a number of new policy has been introduced regarding applicability of disability pension, introduction of Impairment relief and assessment of disability. Several terms of the new ER 2023 is full of ambiguity and authority to implement are confused. Several clarifications have been sought by various stake holders.

RMB is now held up at MH. FAQ on the ER 2023 have been publishe by MoD, DESW bit still there are too ambiguity. Finally, DGMS has cleared some doubts raised by Naval HQ and the communication is reproduced below:-

Letter No-MH/3865/GMO/MIL PEN dt 03 Nov 23REGISTERED
Directorate of Medical Services (Health Services) Naval Headquarters Ministry of Defence ‘A’ Wing. Sena Bhawan New Delhi – 110 011

The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (for Command Medical Officer)
Headquarters, Southern Naval Command Kochi- 682 004
The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (for Command Medical Officer)
Headquarters, Western Naval Command Mumbai- 400 001
The Commander-in-Charge (for CSO (Med)
Headquarters, Andman & Nicobar Command Port Blair- 744 102

{DGMS (N) POLICY: HS 34/2023)

1.    Refer to the following:-

(a) NHO/ DGMS (N) policy No HS 31/2023 promulgated vide letter MH/0812/Policy (GMO) dated 11 Oct 23.

O/o  DGAFMS    policy       letter   16036/RAMB/IMEIDGAFMS/MA
(Pension)/GMO dated 19 Oct 23 (Not addressed to all).

NHO/ DPA Note AC/PN/9078 dated 01 Nov 23 (Not addressed to all).

2.      GMO 2023 (Appendix to DESW/ MoD letter No.16(3)/ 2023/D(Pen/ Pol)Vol-11 dated 21 Sep 23) was promulgated vide this Dte Gen letter ibid (Available on DGMS (N) NUD website). However, clarifications regarding certain contradictory issues in ER-23 and GMO-23 have been sought from 0/o DGAFMS by this Dte Gen.

3.   Regarding date of applicability of GMO.2023 and ER-2023, 0/o OGAFMS vide No  ibid has clarified that GMO 23 will be applicable to all the Medical Boards of serving personnel conducted alter 21 Sep 23. Further,  DGAFMS has also convened BOO with tri service representation to formulate procedures for conduct of Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board and other Medical Boards to align with GMO-23.

4.    NHO/DPA, being Pension Adjudicating and Sanctioning Authority, has also taken up a case (vet applicability and contradictions observed in ER-23 and GMO 23) with MoD/ DESW vide DPA Note under reference as per 1(c) above. In the interim, NHO/ DPA has requested that all RMB proceedings post 21 Sep 23 be conducted i.a.w GMO 23 till clarifications are received from MoD/ DESW.

5.    In view of the above, It is requested that all Medical Boards be Instructed to adhere to GMO 23 till receipt of further clarification from Pension Adjudicating Authority and necessary directives from MoD.

(Sanjeev Kumar) Surg Cmde
Cmde (MS) – HS
Encl: As above

Copy to:-

O/o  DGAFMS/ Brig AFMS (Pens) DGMS (Army)/ DG-5A
DGMS (Army)/ Gp Capt (MS)-M. Internal:-
Cmde (P&A)

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