Civil & Defence Serving and Pensioners Calculate to Get More Amount of Pay & Pension

Civil & Defence Serving and Pensioners may Get More Amount of Pay & Pension

This is a topic that many people are not aware of and as a result,  losing a huge amount every month on account of his salary or pension. I am not only talking about the veterans of Defence. I am also talking about the employees of Railways, Post , Audit & Accounts, Para Military, Income tax and many other civil departments. They are also taking a loss of lakhs of rupees. This is because of a lack of proper information. I will clear some points about MACP. It is well known that not only the veterans but also the serving personnel need to keep this in mind. Have you got the benefits of MACP or are you getting it? You will be able to take action only if you have proper information. 

This will save you money. As I said, you will be able to save money only if you have proper information. There are still many veterans who have not benefited from MACP.  When enquired, it has been found that there are some issues in which there is some major problem  nd such is the issue of MACP. Due to the lack of proper information about it, not only many veterans but also many family pensioners have to bear the loss. 

How is that? If we talk about it, when I talked to a veteran, he was enrolled in the army before the year  2000. After completing 16 years of service, he came to retire around 2016-17. He came to retire from the rank of a Sepoy . In such a situation, he did not know that the formula of MACP was implemented in 2008. Accordingly, if he came to retire in 2016, then after completing 16 years of service, the MACP -II is applicable i.e Hav. Due to the lack of proper information, many veterans are taking the wrong pension. Now if we talk about what are the most important things to get MACP? 

These things are also important for the serving person. I am also talking about retirees. The same things are also applicable to them. If we want to get MACP, we need to be qualified for the promotion. For that, first of all, there should not be any red ink entry in last 5 years of service. That is, instead of promotion,  once you have completed 8 years of service from date of joining/last promotion one MACP is applicable.  You will get total 3 Promotion or MACP and total of promotion plus MACP is also should not be more than 3.  if someone denied his promotion and takes retirement, does it willingly, then he will not get the benefits of MACP. 

These are some vital things that are important to keep in mind for MACP.  When a veteran was enrolled in the army in 2000, he was in service in 2008, he was in service in 2009, he was in service in 2010, he retired in 2016. So how did he retired with just pension of Sepoy rank? He should have got the promotion of NAYAK after 8 years and Hav after 16 years.  If he has been enrolled in the army in 2000, then after 8 years of service, why did he not get the promotion of the next rank? This is what MACP means. 

If there is no promotion in the service you are doing, then there should be no injustice with you. And if you have completed 8 years of service in one rank, then automatically you will get the Financial upgradation of the next rank which is known as MACP ( Modified Assured Career Progression) .  Accordingly, your salary will be of the next rank. This is what MACP means. But many times it has been seen that the serving person is also not getting the benefits of MACP. 

In this case, when the retirees are also coming, then the same mistakes are being repeated. That is why I said at the beginning that whether it is for a serving person or a retiree person, they should pay special attention to MACP. And if you have not got the promotion yet, then you should pay attention to all these things so that you can get the right salary or pension. And as I said, for the veterans, they being released soon or who are coming, or those who are serving, should also pay attention. 

And with this, the veterans should also check whether they have got the benefit of MACP or not. They are getting the pension of the right rank. For veterans, I would like to say that even if you have retired after 2008, but if you have not got the benefit of MACP, then you can still try for it. Write a letter to the Record Office. The Record office will check all your documents. If you are eligible for MACP, if you have not expressed unwillingness on promotion/compulsory promotion exam/course, if there is no red ink entry, if there is no problem in this way, then you will definitely get your MACP in the next rank. 

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