Check your Revised PPO through SPARSH with OROP Payment

It is expected that you have already received your SPARSH user ID and Password.  Now let’s check the revised PPO that is already available in your SPARSH profile.   Your Pension related information is now maintained in SPARSH Portal. Your pension has now migrated from Bank to SPARSH and   Bank will not keep any of your pension related information  nor can you now approach your Bank on any matter of pension.  

Final installment of your OROP arrears is paid in med of January 24. many ESM has already received their 4th installment of OROP arrears on 12th and 13th January 2023.

PCDA (P) will not send you any hard copy of your PPO any more.  You need to download and keep a copy printed and laminated for use at various occasions in your personal life.

Firstly you need to log in to SPARSH Portal. Your profile can be accessed only with valid credentials.  Your SPARSH user ID and Password is received on your mobile number and email that was earlier registered with the Bank .  If not received till date you may lodge a grievance on SPARSH Portal as described in our another article on this website.

Now, you will be guided how to download Revised PPO from SPARSH Portal using a mobile phone.

Step – 1 –  Download SPARSH Mobile App on your mobile phone.  Remember that the correct App Should be downloaded using the correct link.  Do not click any link received/found any at unauthorised or unknown source.  Go to the official website of SPARSH and find the link of SPARSH Mobile App.  However you may check the link of SPARSH Mobile App given here .

SPARSH Mobile App –

Now login to the App using valid credential – your SPARSH User ID and Password.

Step – 2   Now go to the My Document Section and click on Pensioner PPO / Pensioner Corr PPO.   Some features may not work on the SPARSH Mobile app. In such cases go to the mobile website on and login to the webportal. Then go to My document and click on Pensioner PPO/ Corrigendum PPO.  Download the PPO and keep a coloured printed Copy ready in your personal File. 

Defence pensioners may  contact the authorised SPARSH Service Centre for any kind of help and support regarding SPARSH Related issues.  Contact details of PCDA(P), Prayagraj, Team SPARSH are available on our website, may be followed.

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