why my pension will stop ?

Check Your Pension May Stop from 28 Feb 2023 or Not

A large number of Defence pensioners are yet to be included in SPARSH pension system. Among them, most of the pensioners have already been migrate to SPARSH but they may not receive their user ID and password till date. As a result most of such defence pensioners are unable to access SPARSH and a large number of pensioners have ben failed to put their life certificate till date.

As per circular of PCDA, Allahabad, those who have failed to submit their Life Certificat by 28 Feb 2023, their pension will be stopped.

So, how will you be confirmed that your Life Certificate has been submitted to PCDA Allahabad, SPARSH or not ? Here the several ways to confirm your Life Certificate.

Life Certificate/Annual Identification using SPARSH User ID Password

Defence Pensioners who have access to SPARSH having user ID and Password, they may login. After Login, at the left panel you will find annual identification tab. On access to this tab, you may find he details of your identification status.

Life Certificate/Annual Identification using PCDA Link

Defence Pensioners who do not have access to SPARSH or not received SPARSH user ID and Password, they may check their life certificate status and Annual Identification status by visiting the PCDA SPARSH official website. You may click on the link below to access the PCDA website.

Click on the line below : https://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in/

After visiting the link above, just click on the To know Identification status click here .

Then put your basic details as mentioned below :-

Unique Identifier : Bank Acct No/ PPO No /Personal Number. Then click on Search button. You will get here your pension profile including the status of your Annual Identification/Life Certificate.

So, if it appears that your identifiction is due on a later date, you are safe and dont need to be worried.

In other hand, if it has been found that your identification is already due in a pas date, you need to take action and submit your Life certificte as soon as possible. Oterwise, your pension may be stopped wef 28 Feb 2023.


1 thought on “Check Your Pension May Stop from 28 Feb 2023 or Not”

  1. Ravindra nath Mishra

    I have received my sparsh ID and password I have entered my pancard details before one month now I am unable to proceed further,only one message is displayed that you are retiree of before 2016,so other fields are now not open for you. Now what I should do.

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