Status Check : Defence Pensioners Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not

Check Now : By 30 Nov Defence Pensioners Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not

Govt direction has been released , several notifications alarmed us to submit Life certificate for all Govt pensioners including defence pensioners through various available means. Defence pensioners should ensure that whatever means adopted by them, their Life Certificate must have submitted to their SPARSH profile.

It has been experienced that several defencce pensioners have submitted their Life certificate through Jeevan Praman at Bank of service centre but finally even after more than one month , their Life Certificate has not been reflected in the SPARSH Portal.

In such a situation , you must be worried that, if your life certificate has been accepted by SPARSH or not. In this regard you must pay attention to the following points of the SPARSH Life Certificate.

Point 1 . You have option to submit life certificate directly on the SPARSH and need not to visit any Bank/service centre. To know details you may visit the following article which describes detailed process of Life Certificate.

Banks Must Ensure Linking Defence Pensioner’s Life Certificate With SPARSH

Point No 2. If you have submitted your life certificate through Bank of other service centre who used Jeevan Praman portal, they might have not selected ” SPARSH PCDA Pension” as pension disbursing agency. So, follow the correct procedure to ensure your life certificated to be linked wuith SPARSH immediately. If you have not received any confirmatuion from PCDA (SPARSH) regarding acceptance of your life certificate, must follow the steps below –

Confirm Now Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not
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