Change in ECHS Policy for Treatment of Dependent

There is a huge change in policy of treatment occured as per the CO, ECHS letter issued to all concerned. Treatment for ECHS members is now easier than earlier.  You can get the treatment with minimum harassment.   As you know, it was  compulsory for you to deposit a copy of the Adhaar Card, PAN Card and Form 26 AS/Income proof alongwith Appx A duly affixed the PP size photographs for all your dependents above 18  years of age to prove the eligibility of the dependency. However online eligibility validation was already started in August 2022.

During a visit to ECHS Kolkata, I was harassed by the ECHS Staff and OIC Polyclinic. They deniaed to extend treatment facility to my dependent inspite of haveing valid ECHS card of whcih was already updated by submitting all requisite documents. The ECHS authority of the polyclinic demanded Appx A alongwith copy of all the documents as stated above. I reported the matter to Director RC and he also accepted that, no jhard copy of any eligibility documents required wherein the Card is found valid. However the OIC, Polyclinic denied me to avail treatment. The matter was reported to the MD ECHS, Director, Regional Centre and all Administrative authority of DESW,KSB & CDS.

A number of RTI, Grievances & formal communications were made with various defence authorities . It was a battle for me to win with natural justice. Finally I got a letter from the ECHS authority , New Delhi that no such hard copy is required. However my request was to ammend the policy and circulate it to all Po;lyclinic and ECHS administrations. Finally, on 1 March 2023, the ECHS authority has circulated the new policy of documentation. Friends, it is a victory of the veterans against the evil system. The copy of the letter is reproduced below :

Tele : 25684645
Telefax : 011-25684946 Email
B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr

From :
Central Organisation ECHS Adjutant General’s Branch Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath Circle Delhi Cantt- 110010

 01 Mar 2023

AII Command HQs (ECHS)
All Regional Centre


1. Please refer the following:-
(a) CO ECHS letter No B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2020 dt 11 Aug 2020.
(b) CO ECHS letter No B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2021 dt 07 Sep 2021.

2. Above mentioned letters at Para 1 required the dependent beneficiaries to produce proof of income and other documents to check their eligibility status at empanelled hospitals before commencement of treatment. However, recently IT enabled procedure to carryout Annual Validation of ECHS dependents 18 years and above (excluding spouse) was introduced. In this connection following letters may be referred, which are also available on ECHS website ( under the Tab Policies— Stats and Auto:-

  • CO, ECHS Letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dt 06 Jul 2022.
  • CO, ECHS Letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS dt 27 Jul 2022.
  • CO, ECHS Letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dt 26 Oct 2022.
  • CO, ECHS Letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dt 27 Dec 2022.

3. As per above policy, all dependents 18 years of age and above (excluding spouse) have to undergo Annual Validation to keep their respective 64 KB ECHS Card functional. The process is IT enabled and hence competent authority has approved supersession of instructions issued vide letters at Para 1 above. The dependent beneficiaries will no longer be required to produce any document other than functional 64KB ECHS Card of valid Temporary Slip in the absence of 64 KB ECHS card at empanelled hospitals for taking entitled medical treatment.

4. In view of the above, Central Org letters No B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2020 dt 11 Aug 2020 and No B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2021 dt 07 Sep 2021 are hereby cancelled.

5. All Regional Centres are requested to promulgate above instructions to all empanelled HCOs.

(Jitendra Singh) Brig

Encls : As above.

Copy to:-
Mls Source Dot Com Private Ltd (SDCPL) – For information and necessary action Plot No 16, Electronic City, Phase-IV, Gurugram Haryana-122001

Mls UTI-ITSL                                               –           For information and necessary action. UTI Bhawan, Plot No.3, Sector-11                                The proof of income and other documents will no
Maharashtra- longer be required with hospital claims submitted by the HCOs
400614                                                      with effect from the date of issue ofthis letter.


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