Central Govt Employees and Pensioners will get 46% DA ? Check the Announcement in Oct

4% DA increase for govt employees

Govt of India authorities is likely to hike 4% dearness allowance (DA) for government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) for Pensioners  and the DA/DR likely to be increased to 46 per cent from the existing 42 per cent.

The decision on the DA inclease is likely to be anounced in the assembly of the Union Cabinet led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon. New rate of DA/DR is effected from July 2023.  Arrears will be paid accordingly to the Govt employees and pensioners  on account increase of DA/DR very soon.

PIB Release on the DA release will be published soon. The matter of DA increased in fully depends on the Price Index of thenation. According to the Price index increase in 4% DA/DR is confirmed. However the final declaration of DA increase will be occured from the Parliament.

People are eagerly waiting for the DA increase beause if this time it increases to 4%, the increased DA will be 46% and the next phase of DA increase which is going to be effecctife wef Jan 2024 will be vital effetive for all govt employees. Once the Next DA is reached to 50%, several pay and allowances componenets will be increased , as per the provisions of the CCS PAY Rules and relevant pay rules 2016.


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