Canteen Smart Card to be linked with your PAN card in 2022


Canteen Smart Card to be linked with your PAN card as per Govt Orders. Canteen Sores Dte has issued instructions to complete embedding of 100% cards in the system with IT PAN by August 2021. Subsequently the cards without PAN details will not be able to transact till the PAN is captured. Instructions for ensuring PAN Nos were issued in Jun 2019 by Canteen Stores Dte.

All new cards personalised wef Dec 2019 have the same embedded in the chip data. In effect 90% of the active cards today are without PAN Nos. For the older cards, a utility has been inbuilt in the CIMS Plus to allow a SSAM Card holder (Normally a renewal/ card activation Clk) to capture and embed PAN No in the cards. The utility is there since 2019. In order to avoid rush when the time limit expires, it is requested that all customers be educated and encouraged to get the PAN embedded before Aug 2021. Note: It does not take more than 2 minutes to do the job. It is a free service. It is mandatory. All OiC/ Manager URCs to take suitable action to avoid an issue in Aug/Sep 2021.


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