Cancellation of ECHS Membership for Veterans and Family members : Latest Rules and Regulation

cancellation of echs membership

Central organisation ECHS has issued relevant orders quoting suitable rules and regulation under which provision of cancellation of ECHS membership has been provided for the veterans and family members.

It has been intimated by the Central Organisation ECHS that the ECHS membership is a mandatory Scheme for post 2003 Armed Forces retirees and optional for pre 2003 retirees. However, as per Gol, MoD (DoESW) tatter No 2213(11)/2015/US/WE/JD (Res-l) dated 21 Apr 2023. Government has accorded sanction for ECHS beneficiaries to opt Out/ Exit from ECHS only on following instances :-

(a) Spouse is serving an another Government Organisation/ Department  which is providing medical benefits  under its medical scheme

(b) ECHS beneficiaries man another Government Organisation or Public Sector Undertaking providing medical benefits under its respective medical scheme

(c) On existing ECHS, continuation or commencement of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) will not be sought by the ECHS beneficiaries of his/her entitled dependents.

However, with respect to temporary exit from ECHS scheme necessary guidelines has already been Issued vide Central Organisation ECHS letter No 8/40711-New Smart Card/AGIECHS dated 15 Jun 2022.

Fixed Medical Allowance for ECHS Members – Conditions to Grant
PCDA Circular No 616 – Grant of Medical Allowance to All ranks of Ex-serviceman in lieu of ECHS benefit
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