Broadbanding of Disability Pension of Exservicemen

Military service is dedicated to the nation. After joining the Indian Armed Forces, soldiers may fall ill and placed in low medical category (LMC) due to stress and strain of military service and operational activities of the defence forces. When such LMC personnel and LMC officers are released from the Armed Forces or discharged on completion of terms of engagement, may be granted disability pension or invalid pension subject to fulfillment of other conditions.

In this article we will discuss the assessment of disability and determination of severity of disability with provision of broadbanding on which one may be granted disability pension. In other hand, even after joining the Armed Forces in 100% medically fit condition, some LMC personnel are not granted any disability pension or invalid pension.

Disability of a soldier is assessed before releasing from the Armed Forces through RMB (Release medical board) and based on this, amount of his/her disability element is determined.

Disability assessed by the RMB is broadbanded as below :-

In case of discharge at own request or discharge after completion of terms of engagement (coloured Service) Disability is broadbanded as under :-

20% to 49% = 50%
50% to 75% = 75%
76% to 100% = 100%

In case of invalidment case, disability ios broadbanded as under :

1%-49% = 50%.
50% to 75% = 75%
76% to 100% = 100%

Detailed provision is available in this letter mentioned below in pdf

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