Bright Hope of improved Medical Fcilities with Empanelled Hospitals

The Present Problem with Eempanelled Hospital

Today when I just finished my morning tea I got a phone call from my veteran colleague regarding the ECHS empanelment issue. He was quite upset because  the renowned Private Hospital of Kolkata which he visited this morning for a medical diagnostic refused to provide service as they have withdrawn the empanelment.

It is a regular issue with the ECHS / CGHS members since last couple of years.  Due to rise in price of medicines and medical equipment, rate of medical services provided by ECHS / CGHS empanelled hospitals must be increased from time to time. Whereas the agreement/MoU for empanelment with the hospitals/ diagnostic centers are continued with nominal increase in rate of the medical services in 2014 which caused denial of medical facilities to the beneficiaries of CGHS and ECHS.  

ECHS and CGHS both are health service schemes for Central Govt Employees duly contributed by the beneficiaries. ECHS is for Armed Forces Pensioners and CGHS is for Civilian employees/ pensioners of Govt of  India.   The frequent denial of medical services by empanelled hospitals caused problem for the CGHS/ECHS members.  

Remedial Steps for Improvement of Medical Services with Empanelled Hospitals

The Federation of Central Govt Civilian Employees has approached the authority of CGHS as they received so many representations that a large number of C.G.H.S. empanelled hospitals in various metro cities are denying to provide treatment to CGHS beneficiaries on the existing rates which have not been revised since 2014. More and more hospitals are withdrawing from the panel of CGHS.

You must know that the ECHS also follows the CGHS rate of medicines/medical services for empanelment of private hospitals.

Denial of medical services caused more sufferings to the Central Govt. Employees and pensioners as they are deprived from the treatment.

The federation has requested the CGHS authority to take necessary action to revise the rates so that the existing empanelled hospitals should not withdraw and they further requested  to make efforts to bring some more hospitals in the panel of CGHS.

It is hopeful that the revision of rate will be applicable to the ECHS empaneled hospitals and Diagnostic Centers also.

Original letter by Federation regarding Revision of rates of C.G.H.S. for empanelled Hospitals


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