Big Protest for Rights of JCOs OR

With able leadership of hundreds of regional veterans organizations including Saabka Sainik Sangharsh Committee, indefinite protest demonstration has started continuously at Jantar Mantar from 20 February 2023. They have requested all the veteran JCOs ORs of all three wings of Indian Armed Forces to participate in the protest demonstration for 5-6 days and  contribute to give edge to this demonstration. Till date they have got success in every steps as taken by the veteran organisations.

The indefinite protest of Jantar Mantar has also been commenced since February 20 by the Retired JCOs OR throughout the country is a historic step by the Jawans, it is time for the Jawans to come out of their homes and take steps to get justice, as expressed by the Chairman, SSSC.

They also requested the veterans to raise voice for their own cause, to get their rights.  Thousands  and lakhs of  Veteran soldiers are protesting at Jantar Mantar Delhi for rights of the veteran community.

As a part of this protest, the veterans organisations  have submitted their memorandum to the President, Prime Minister and Defense Ministry duly mentioned the details of the discrepancy and disparity in pay, pension, allowances and other postretirement benefit between officers and other ranks..

A copy of the memorandum is here.


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