Big Changes in Indian Army – Goodbye to many with induction of Technology and AI

The government is considering outsourcing many services of the army, and is also preparing to bring experts to the contract for training in institutions such as IMA. The Indian Army has planned to keep experts in various fields in its training institutions on the contract basis.

This is a plan to outsource services in cross-skilling technical trade and static units. According to the Army Spokesperson said that this plan will be implemented in several phases in the next five years. Its purpose is to reduce the basic problems of the army.

According to the officer, work is underway on this improvement. The plan has been asked to be prepared and submitted to all units of the army. There are 12.8 lakh soldiers in the Indian Army now.

This number is low. Due to the corona epidemic, it has not been enrolled for the past two years. Currently, there is a shortage of 1.25 lakh forces in the army.

However, last year, 40,000 people were deployed under the government’s Agnipath Scheme. But this will make it difficult to replace the annual 60,000 retired soldiers. Experts will also be placed on the contract / outsourcing basis in IMA.

It has also been expressed by the Army authority that there is a plan to appoint those experts in the graded training institutes on the contract base, who are specialized in military matters. Dehradun-based Indian Army Academy, Indian Military Academy, Army War College and Infantry School in Mau are included in Grade A training institutes. Various residential centers are also included in Grade B training institutes.

It is being discussed whether the National Cadet Corps NCC can be handed over to trained soldiers on the basis of the contract. Catering and Facility Management also plans to outsource administrative service. Currently, these tasks are carried out in the army by working trademen.

In total, the government is trying to reduce the number of permanent employees in the army. A senior officer has said that by focusing on the automation of weapons, the need for gunners and tankers can be reduced. This will reduce manpower in the artillery and armored corps regiment. The officer said that in the future, with the increasing number of artificial intelligence and satellites, surveillance will be easier and manpower will be less dep

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