Battle Casualty Cases : Entitlement of Pensionary Benefit and Financial Assistant

battle casualty benefit

India has a long history of military engagements with neighboring countries, and its soldiers have made significant sacrifices in various wars and conflicts with the neighboring countries. Here are some notable instances. The Govt of India has introduced special benefits in terms of monetary and social security.

Sacrifice of our soldiers in Indo-Pak Wars 

1947-48 – The first war between India and Pakistan took place soon after the partition in 1947. Indian soldiers played a crucial role in defending the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistani invaders.

1965 –  The second Indo-Pak war occurred over the Kashmir issue. Indian soldiers fought bravely to defend their borders.

Sino-Indian War (1962) 

India and China clashed in a brief but intense border conflict in 1962. Indian soldiers faced challenging conditions in the harsh mountain terrain, and many lost their lives.

Indo-Pak War of 1971

This war resulted in the liberation of Bangladesh. Indian soldiers played a pivotal role in defeating Pakistani forces, leading to the creation of Bangladesh. The conflict witnessed significant sacrifices on both sides.

Kargil War (1999)

The Kargil War was fought between India and Pakistan in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir. Indian soldiers displayed tremendous courage and determination in evicting Pakistani infiltrators from strategic positions in the mountains.

Counterinsurgency Operations

India has faced various internal conflicts and insurgencies, particularly in regions like Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states. Indian soldiers have been engaged in counterinsurgency operations to maintain internal security, often at great personal risk.

Peacekeeping Missions

Indian soldiers have actively participated in United Nations peacekeeping missions around the world. They have contributed to maintaining peace and stability in regions affected by conflict.

The sacrifices of Indian soldiers are commemorated annually on Armed Forces Flag Day (December 7) in India, a day dedicated to honoring the soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the country. The government, as well as various organizations and individuals, contribute to the welfare of the families of deceased and disabled military personnel. The sacrifices made by Indian soldiers in the defense of their nation and in promoting peace are widely acknowledged and respected.

Welfare Schemes and Benefits for Battle Casualties

S.No.DescriptionAmount EntitledProcessed by
1.Liberalised Family PensionLast pay drawnCDA (P)Allahabad
2.Death occurring due to accidents in course of performance of dutiesDeath in course of performance of duties attributed to acts of violence by terrorists, anti-social elements etc.Death occurring in border skirmishes and action against militants,terrorists,extremist,sea pirates etcDeath occurring while on duty in the specified high altitude,inaccessible border posts on account of natural disasters,extreme weather conditions.Death occurring during enemy action in war or such war like engagements, which are specifically notified by Ministry of Defence and death occurring during evacuation of
Indian Nationals from a war-torn zone in foreign country. (Revised rates wef 01 Jan 2016)
  Rs 25.00 lacs
Rs 25.00 lacs

  Rs 35.00 lacs

Rs 35.00 lacs

  Rs 45.00 lacs
Records Office / MP-5 for cases CDA (P) Allahabad
3.Death link Insurance
Scheme DLIS(JCO/ORs)
4.Medical Facilities to the dependents/NoksECHS (Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme) provides cashless health care to war-widows/war disabled defence personnel and their NoKs. War Widows are not required to pay the membership fee. 
5.Marriage GrantA grant of Rs 1,00,000/- is given for marriage of daughters, widow re-marriage and orphan son’s marriage of battle casualties (fatal), physical casualties (fatal). 
6.Vocational Training GrantRs 20,000/- (One time) for Widows (Pensioner/Non-Pen up to Hav.Rank) 
7.Educational Concession children of Armed Forces Officers/JCOs/ORs missing/disabled/killed in action (w.e.f. 01.07.2017)Based on length of service and emoluments last drawn by the deceased individual. 
8.Government accommodation RetentionRetention of Govt married accommodation for two years from the death of the Individual extended by one and a half year with the approval of the Competent Authority. 
9.Reservation in Jobs4.5% reservation for disabled ESM/dependents of Servicemen killed in action already in central public sector enterprises and nationalised banks. 
10.Resettlement SchemesThere are lot of schemes for resettlement schemes run by Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) like allotment of petrol pumps etc. to ensure proper resettlement of war widows/dependents. 
11.Air Travel Concession: 75% concession in domestic flights by Indian Airlines to War Widows Zilla/Rajya Sainik Board
12Railway Travel ConcessionZilla/Rajya Sainik Board
13.Priority / Reservation in Professional /Higher Educational Institutes.Central Government and various State Govts have provision of reservation of seats in higher educational institutions for children of ESM. Wards/widows of Servicemen killed/ disabled in action are placed in Priority I and II respectively. (top categories)
About 38 seats are reserved as nominee candidates by KSB under MoHFW quota for ESM in admission to Medical /Dental Colleges.
Zilla/Rajya Sainik Board
14.Priority in Telephone Connection: No installation fees. 50% concession in Rental Charges Zilla/Rajya Sainik Board
15.Allotment of oil product agencies under the 8% defence quota Director General of Resettlement
16.Education Concession from MOD: Full re-imbursement of tuition fees, transportation charges and hostel charges less mess charges. Re-imbursement of the cost of books/stationery @ Rs 1000/-p.a, cost of uniform where compulsory upto Rs 1700/- during the first year and Rs 700/- for the subsequent years, and cost of clothing @ Rs 500/- for the first year and Rs 300/- for the subsequent years. The above educational concessions will be upto and inclusive of the first degree course (Revised rates wef 01 Sep 2008) AG’s Br (CW-3)
17.Final Settlement of AccountsPAO/CDA(O)
18.Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund (AFPPF)As per contribution accumulated along with compound interest.PAO/CDA(O)
19.Armed Forces Battle Casualty Welfare Fund (AFBCWF)( publish date 6-may-2020)Rs. 8.00 lacs/- Addln ex-gratia grant to NoKs of deceased soldiers 
20.Death cum Retirement GratuityFull reimbursement of tuition fee
Full reimbursement of Hostel Charges for those studying in boarding schools and colleges.
CDA(P) Allahabad
21.Retention of Govt married accommodation for 2 yrs extendable upto 3 years & 6 months at Govt rates QMG Branch
22.Benefits from State GovtsAs per State RulesState Govt
S.No.DescriptionAmount EntitledProcessed by
23.Army Group Insurance
(w.e.f. 01.10.2016)
Rs. 75.00 lacs (Officers)

Rs. 40.00 lacs (JCO/ORs)
24.AGI MaturityAs per contribution accumulated along with compound interest.AGIF
25.Leave EncashmentAs applicablePAO/CDA(O)
26.Army Wives Welfare
Association (AWWA)
Rs. 15,000/- ex-gratia grant to NoKs of
deceased soldiers (w.e.f. 01.04.2015)
Welfare Complex
27.Army Officers Benevolent FundRs 50,000/- (Officers only)AG’s Br (Accts Sec)
28.Army Central Welfare Fund / National Defence Fund   One Time Grant to all surviving NOKs of all fatal battle casualties of all operations wef 15 Aug 1947 to 30 Apr 1999 from ACWF(K)/NDF(BC) One Time Grant to NOKs of all battle casualty wef 01 May 1999Rs 1.00 lacs
Rs 30,000/-
AG’s Br (R&W Sec)
29.  Assistance from Army Welfare Corpus   Education Scholarship (only for Professional Courses) Penury Self Employment/Agro based venturTuition Fee + Rs 5,000/-(for Books) subject to a maximum of Rs 25,000/-p.a
Penury grant is provided at the rate of Rs. 4000/- per month for life time wef 01 Apr 2017.
Rs 25,000/-
AG’s Br (R&W Sec)
30.Reservation/Priority Defence Housing SchemesReservation (upto 3%) / Priority in Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) and Air Force Naval Housing Board (AFNHB dwelling units for widow/Parents of Battle Casualties/Fatal Casualties.AWHO
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