Army has issued Instructions : Punishment on violation as per Army Act 63

File is held with MoF and waiting for a

Indian Army is the most disciplined one organized Armed Force in the World. To keep army strong and loyal, discipline is necessary. Several systems are there to keep the force disciplined. Uniform is one of the most important among them.

New uniform of Indian Army has already been introduced and now the IHQ has issued notification and instructions to wear proper combat dress as per digital pattern.  In this regard the instructions dated 08 August 2022 is very important and in this article we will come to know about this.

Extract of the letter issued to all command HQ are as under :-

B/42901/AG/CW-1                                                                                           08 Aug 2022


HQ Southern Comd
HQ Eastern Comd
HQ Western Comd
HQ Central Comd,
HQ Northern Comd,
HQ South Western Comd,
HQ Strategic Forces Comd,
HQ A&N Comd,

1. Pl ref MGS Branch letter No B182241/Gen Clo/Combat Uniform/PI/MGS/EM (GS&C) dt 20 Jan 2022

2. Instrs on wearing of Digital Pattern Comb Dress [Dress No 7(2022)] are at Appx.

3. The fwg aspects merit att :

(a) Roll-out of Digital Pattern Comb Dress [Dress No 7(2022)] will be carried out under the aegis of MGS Br.

(b) Life Cycle Clo (LCC) reqmts of JCOS & OR will be met through sup of stitched uniforms through MGS Proc and Ord ech, as hither-to-fore and complete reqmt of Offrs and addl reqmt of JCOs and OR (reqmt in addn to LCC) is planned to be catr through CSD, by sec week of Sep 22.

(c) However, till the sup of stitched uniforms through central proc and CSD routes stabilises, sale of fabric mfr by reputed vendors through CSD will also be undertaken, under the aegis of MGS Br and QMG Br.

(d) During the transition ph (to be completed by 30 Jun 2025), wearing of both designs of uniforms by the tps (incl existing pattern) of the IA will be permitted.

(e) The urge to kit tps with Digital Pattern Combat Uniform [Dress No 7 (2022)] through unauth sources, will be forbidden, at all levels. Service personnel are strictly prohibited from procuring Combat Dress Fabric | Stitched Dress from the open market. Defaulters will be liable to disciplinary action under AA Sec 63.


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