Are you drinking too much water? Take a look at the result

Are you drinking too much water? Take a look at the result

Water is named after life. After coming back home in summer, immediately went to the fridge and drank water, then the heart becomes happy. The mind becomes relaxed. There is no doubt that water is very important. Two-thirds of the total weight of our body is water. Through this we get nutrients. Water also plays an important role in removing waste from the body. That means our body wants water. So that the right amount of blood remains in the body. According to Howard Medical School, for the brain to function properly in the human body, the brain needs water and it needs blood. Water is essential for digestion. Body temperature is also controlled by water. The lubrication between the joints of the bones and the skin also gets its name from the blood. It is very important to have fluid in our body. We also keep the fluid coming out of the body through sweat, urine and breath.  In such a situation, it is necessary that the right amount of water is always maintained in the body.  Water is essential in any healthy body., in the absence ofThe brain gets to know and the brain signals that it is thirsty. By drinking water regularly, we can also prevent from increasing body weight.

To drink water, attention should be paid to some simple conditions like what is the temperature outside.  If you have exercised a lot then you should drink water  If you have a disease, keep an eye on how much water you drink. For example, patients who have dialysis are told to drink water only up to a limit.  If you take any medicine, your body may ask for more water or need less. According to and age is also a big factor.  After the age of 60, the ability to feel thirst decreases. There is a possibility of dehydration during this summer.

The advisory of Britain’s National Health Service ie NHC says that you can drink six to eight glasses of liquids daily.।  It also includes milk soft drink tea coffee  It is also important for us to know that the water requirement of every human being is different.  That’s why it is not necessary to drink only eight classes and this formula is not applicable to all.  Drink water only when you are thirsty, this is the best option.  Because there is no mistake in this means you can avoid soft drinks and other drinks, if there is less fluid in the body then it can be dangerous.  Dehydration may proved fatal . Whenever there is less than one to two percent water in the body, we can become a victim of dehydration.  Although a little water more or less does no harm.   According to the NHC, dehydration is when your body is not getting the same amount of water it is excreting.  Young children and the elderly are most at risk from dehydration. And if not taken care of at the right time, it can also be fatal.  Due to lack of water, the balance of sugar salt electrolytes in the blood gets spoiled. Tthe situation has the potential to be dangerous.

 Even after receiving treatment after excessive dehydration, it can be a challenge for the doctor to save the marriage. And if you do not pay attention to the time, then in some cases even death is possible.।  So fluid is very important but too much water is also not good.  Excess water can kill in some cases.  There can be some disadvantages of drinking water all the time, due to which there is a deficiency of sodium in the body.  She is an athlete from Britain. She took part in the 2018 London Marathon, during which she drank a lot of water because since it was terrible heat and after the end of the race, her friends gave her water.  They felt that she was dehydrated. Due to drinking too much water, she fainted and had to be taken hospital  by ambulance.  She was unconscious for two days. Now the way we intake water in the body, in the same way fluid  required to be exit – means if water is not removed from the other part of body, then it is not correct.  

In such a situation, water retention i.e. build up of fluids can cause swelling in some part of the body.  This is called edema.  Edema caused due to intake of  too much water.  This is also called water intoxication.   Well,  there are many other reasons.   But one reason is excessive amount of water and in many cases it can also be fatal.  If there is an excess amount of fluid in body and such as water may deposit in the lungs, which can cause shortness of breath.  By the way, excessive water intake can be fatal for you in other cases too.  Infection can occur if the water is not clean।  Toxins can enter the body and this can also prove fatal.।  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3.4 million people die every year as a result of water bodies diseases.  So keep in mind what kind of water you are drinking and how much water you are drinking. 

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