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Application process for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle Allotment Scheme :

A huge number of vehicles used in Indian Army. To keep the organization prompt and smooth, the vehicles are inspected in routine and once the quality and functional criteria of ny vehicle is downgraded to class –V, it is auctioned and allotted to the ex-servicemen so that they can use it for commercial or domestic purpose in civil life. You may get complete information on Application process for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle in this article.

Army Surplus Class V-B Vehicles are allotted to the Ex-Servicemen and widows of defence personnel who died while in service and Ex-Servicemen Co-operative societies. Eligible applicants need to apply as per the laid down norms through the Zila Sainik Welfare Office / DSW(S) / Unit Serving to DGR along with security deposit as stated for each type of vehicle. Thereafter, DGR will release the vehicle through the MGOs Branch to the registered candidates. Option for release of one of the 42 types of vehicles from 12 CODs/CVDs can be opted for on payment of nominal sum as per govt instructions.

How to Apply for Army Class –V Surplus Vehicle ?

Application process for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle

Category – I :   Ex-servicemen / their widows / their co-operative societies should apply through their Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSWO) / Dte of Sainik Welfare (State).

Category – II :              Serving personnel due to retire within next six months with pension should apply through their OC Unit / Service HQs.

Category – III :            Officers of the rank of Colonel and above or their equivalent may apply directly  through ZSWO / Dte of Sainik Welfare (State).

To apply in prescribed form read the detailed instruction available in Indian Army Veterans Website

Who are eligible for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle?

Following category of ESM/dependents/family members are eligible to get the Class V surplus vehicle of Indian Army.

 (a) Ex-Servicemen / their widows who are not re-employed or gainfully resettled.
(b) Serving personnel who are due to retire within next six months.
(c) Ex-servicemen Co-operative societies. Membership of such societies should not be less than twenty Ex-servicemen.
(d) Ex-Servicemen/their widows/societies of Ex-Servicemen who have served for less than five years in the Armed Forces or proceeded on retirement/discharge at their own request are not eligible.
(e) ESM/Widows can apply within five years after retirement or death of an individual.

(f) An individual can be allotted only one vehicle under this scheme and as such this option can be exercised by the ESM or his widow only once.
(g) In exceptional case the ESM(other ranks) will be permitted to apply upto 45 years of age and widows upto 10 years of death with prior approval of DGR 3. Security Deposit. Security as stated against each

Security Deposit for Application process for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle:-

Detailed infor on Application process for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle. Security deposted at stipulated rate required to be deposited  in the form of Bank Draft in favour of   : “DGR Security Deposit Fund ” Payable at New Delhi.

For Motor Cycle                                : Rs. 1000/-
For Light Four Wheel Vehicle       : Rs. 3000/-
Heavy Four Wheel Vehicle             : Rs. 8000/-

Documents required with the Application for allotment of Class 5 Army Vehicle.

(a)     Certified true copy / photocopy in triplicate of Discharge Certificate / Retirement Order duly attested by the ZSWO / Dte of Sainik Welfare (State) / OC Unit. Officers are required to submit two CTC of retirement order issued by MS Branch, Army HQs / Air HQs or two CTCs of CDA (P) Pension Certificate letter / Order.

(b)    Application form in triplicate duly filled in and pasted with passport size photographs on both the copies on the top duly attested by the ZSWO / Dte of Sainik Welfare (State) / OC Unit.

(c)    Security deposit in the form of draft in favour of “DGR Security Deposit Fund”, payable at New Delhi to be deposited with DGR alongwith application form.

(d)   Affidavit in triplicate duly attested by Oath Commissioner / Class I Magistrate / Notary Public on Rs 10/- non-judicial Stamp Paper in the prescribed text.

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