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An eye opener of OROP Struggle : JCOs OR are still Deprived

After a long judicial battle, we got the OROP implemented by MoD. Once we analyse the benefit of OROP, it revels that there is a huge disparity in benefits among commissioned officer and PBOR. This thing has been described by an ESM in his open letter to various authorities which is given below.

The Ground Reality of OROP : A huge disparity

An open letter by Chandan Singh, Ex Navy, states that by the end of OROP struggle commissioned officers are getting about Rs-25000 and Javans are getting only Rs- 500 to 1700. There is a huge difference. This is because we did not have good representation in the deciding committee. There is a memorandum drafted and submitted against it and the OROP payment is on hold. Now there are two groups in Jantar Mantar fighting for OROP. One officers group and other non-officers. Officers group is trying to convince by saying that let the OROP be in practice other differences we can fight later. But the non-officers group says that ”Abhi Nahi Hai tho Kabhi Nahi” Government has promised to pay OROP by March 2023 but now we don’t know. The full letter of Chandan Singh is copied down.

Regarding OROP a letter from Chandan Singh, Ex-Navy

“Dear friends let me explain you the main issues of OROP today but before I share you the main points of our demand.

I would like to bring it to your kind notice that OROP demand was accepted by to Govt. and they were ready for the announcement .

In between some of our JCO & Jawans came to know that the recommendations made for the settlement of pension for all Non commissioned ranks of our ex- servicemen by our commissioned officers who were leading the OROP Moment on our behalf was not in favour of Jawans and JCOs and was not giving any benefits to them.

As always commissioned officers were getting very handsome amount of money in these recommendations .

As a rough calculations all non commissioned ranks were getting a benefit of between 500 – 1700 rupees only.

However commissioned officers were getting benefits of more than 25 K approx…..friends this was ridiculous after a long fight of years 97% of our non commissioned ranks were cheated by only 3% of commissioned ranks.

As soon as our peoples came to know about this cheating, immediately a parallel front was established as voice of ex-servicemen society (Regd.) by Mr. Nor Bahadur Singh , an ex-servicemen friend from Agra.

When our peoples came to know about this new front which was there in existence to raise their voices, they supported it well and a memorandum was prepared and handed over to PMO with our actual demands, that was the reason Govt. has put the issue on hold and has not made any announcements for OROP.

Main Demands which were put forward by ESM :-

1) as per recommendations of sixth pay commission chapter 2.3.26 the difficulty faced by all ranks during military field service is same then why military service pay is 6000/- for officers and 2000/- for all other ranks even MNS are getting 4200/-…….the military pay should be equal for all

2) 75% last drawn pay as pension was vogue until 3rd pay commission….which was reduced later to 50%….Govt must accept 70% last drawn pay as pension ..

3) Family pension be raised to 100% of service pension …so a widow of ex-servicemen can at least survive…

4) Court order granting enhancement rate of pension of all non commissioned ranks from 1/1/2006 instead of 24/9/2014 may be implemented without delay…

5) Equal DA for all ex-servicemen pensioners

6) Each and every allowance should be equal for all ranks..

7) Every pay commission compares non commissioned ranks with industrial labours……compare Army with Army…

Apart from this there are any more issues which shows discrimination between commissioned ranks and non commissioned ranks. This should be stopped immediately. So, non commissioned ranks also can keep their pride and should not feel humiliating in front of their families and kids.

Friends if these points are taken in to the consideration then only you can see the actual results of your long fight for OROP, or else you will feel humiliation as you had been facing in pasts. So, please share this post to as much as you can. This should be an eye opener for all who are not aware of the facts and are thinking OROP is in progress and one day they will get the desire results .

Friends at Jantar Mantar now there are two stages/ tents….one led by commissioned rank officers and second by non commissioned ex-servicemen….they have all support from media and other forces even they are financially very strong…..but our front is also shaping well now and leading to a correct direction…..many of our peoples are supporting us now….financially and by all other means …our front has given a headache to them and they are surprised by our unity….some of there representative are trying to meet us back door to seek our support on OROP…..yesterday one of their brigadier and his wife met me during our dharna and said lets OROP be implemented first then we will fight for your other demands….coz they are benefited by it……I very clearly told that gentleman…..Abhi nahin toh kabhi nahin…..after all we are being cheated for so many years on so many issues …..this was only because there was no representation from our side….and we were just behind them with our support …..yesterday our strength at Jantar Mantar was remarkable …..actually many of us are still unaware of it and relying on media and news paper reports….pls try to be at Jantar Mantar to understand the fact….if its not possible for you then spread this message to your nearby ex-servicemen in which ever city you are living …..let them understand what is this moment…..I hope you all will support this moment ….now media is also understanding the fact….that is the reason today TOI has declared that now there is a separate group at Jantar Mantar….. who is fighting for real demands of 97% ex-servicemen…..even CNN has also recorded our candle march yesterday …..Friends 5 of our very aged Jawans are on hunger strike for this cause…..lets pray for their good health…..best wishes for a better OROP.

Warm Regards,

Chandan Singh…Ex. Navy. “


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