Award of Disability Element when Disability Manifests After Retirement or increase in disability

disability pension sanction after retirement

During the service with the Indian Armed Forces, the Soldiers and officers are put on hazardous duties throughout their career and it is very difficult stay fit while retiring.  Disability detected  before retirement is compensated by the Govt in the nature of award of disability pension. 

In the event of the disability of an officer caused by /aggravated/attributable to military service and detected after retirement may also be brought before the medical board and disability pension may be awarded after a thorough examination by the medical authority subject to fulfill other conditions for award of the disability pensionary benefits.

In this regard a detailed guidelines provided in the Pension Regulations of all three wings of Indian Armed Forces.  The relevant portion of Army Pension Regulation on the matter is reproduced here :-

Regulation 33 of Pension Regulation for the Army 2008 Part -2

33.   In case where disability manifests after retirement of Officer or substantial increase in the disability is claimed under Regulation 86 or Regulation 92 of Pension Regulations for the Army, Part-I (2008), as the case may be, the following procedure shall be followed:-

(a) The Officer concerned shall send an application, together with a medical certificate with clinical notes, if any, from a Registered Medical Practitioner who last attended upon the Officer, indicating the nature of disease, to the Adjutant General Branch (MP-5) Medical Personnel Record Service (Officers)/ Territorial Army Directorate of Integrated Head Quarters of Ministry of Defence (Army).

(b) The aforesaid Branch of Directorate on receipt of the application and the medical certificate etc. referred to in sub-clause (a) above, shall, examine within a period 23 Pension Regulations for the Army, Part II (2008) of two months, and decide, in consultation with the Director General of Armed Forces Medical Services, where necessary, whether a prima facie justification for bringing the claimant before a Review Medical Board, exists or not. If it is decided to bring the claimant before a Review Medical Board, the Director General Armed Forces Medical Services shall make necessary arrangements for the same.

(c) On receipt of the Review Medical Board proceedings as per sub-clause (b) above Directorate shall forward Review Medical Board proceedings to the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions) within 3 months for increase/decrease/ discontinues in disability element, if any or sanction disability element in addition to pension already notified if, the disability has been accepted as attributable to or aggravated by military service and the disability is 20 percent or more as assessed by Review Medical Board.


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