SPARSH Login ID and Password Received: Do This Action within 15 Days

After a long wait you have finally received your SPARSH User ID or Login ID and Password.  So, you should take the correct steps or some suomoto activities may be carried out by Team SPARSH.

SPARSH has been introduced and inducted to administer  Defence pension.  From sanction to disbursement, data update, periodical revision and redressal of grievance everything is carried out by Team SPARSH using this automation system.  Bank will now no longer respond to your complaint on any matter of Pension. 

For any sort of data correction/updating personal details of any pension related grievances can be lodged directly on the SPARSH portal using your Smart Phone.  So, you can imagine the importance of the SPARSH portal.  If you do not take action within 15 days from receiving your User ID and Password, SPARSH will automatically assumed that your data migrated from legacy data is correct and will proceed further. In such case you may face diffuiculties in login. Dont be panic – just use Forget password option to recover your password. Ypou will received your new password on your phone within a few minutes. Ok, now its done.

To start using SPARSH services, firstly on receipt of User ID and Password you should the following actions :-

  1.    Action step –  1   –   Visit the official website of SPARSH using your mobile phone or PC.  Do not visit any cyber cafe.  If you cant do this, please visit your nearest SPARSH Service Centre authorized by Govt of India.  To know about address and contact number of your SPARSH Service Centre, you may read the article below :

  1.   Action Step – 2 – Once you visited the Official website of SPARSH at   you may click on the Login button at the right corner.  Now put the User ID and password received in your Mobile Msg Box from PCDA.
  2. Action step -3 Once you logged in you will be asked to change password first.  You should put your new password using a minimum 8 characters comprising letters, numbers and signs including one Capital letter.  Keep this password written in your personal diary.
  3. Action Step -4 Now again login to the SPARSH Portal using a new password.  Your User ID never can be changed. 
  1. Action Step – 5 Now complete the document verification cum declaration process. Read the declaration carefully and authenticate with Aadhar OTP.  Now you have completed the process.

If your Life certificate is not done earlier for this year you should make it.  You may submit your Life Certificate through SPARSH using biometric device or MLC whichever is preferred.  To know more in this regard, you may read the details below –

Activities that can be performed in SPARSH Portal

You can perform following activities in the SPARSH Portal  :-

  1.   Download your PPO 
  2. Download your  Pension Slip
  3. Download your entitlement
  4. Download your Income Tax related info
  5. Download your personal and pension details    
  6. Change of address
  7. Correction / update of your personal data
  8. Change of bank account
  9. Lodge grievances
  10. Any other activities feasible in the SPARSH Portal those included by PCDA/MoD

Those who are still waiting for SPARSH User ID Password or facing difficulties may follow the article below – 

Do you have any sort of doubt on the SPARSH Life certificate ? You may read the article below to know the details-