Advisory of Army for Premature Retirement of JCOs/OR - Changes in Procedure

Advisory of Army for Premature Retirement of JCOs/OR – Changes in Procedure

Premature retirement is most sought prayer submitted to an army unit. A large number of Jawans and JCOs every year proceeded to Premature retirement due to various personal pronblems including look after the family.,. Due to harsh condition of service and non availaity of continuous peace station/family qtr availability, most of the PMR seekers bound to proceed to PMR.

Govt has put restrictions on PMR and only a certain percentage of JCOs/OR can ponly proceed PMR every year. After completion of minimum pensionable service, a large number of PBOR seeking premature retirement and it has increased after the 6th CPC. But due to restriction and % based quota system it is quite difficult to get the PMR sanctioned.

Now, another restriction has been imposed on the PMR – it is in the nature of some additional documents to be produced before sanctioning the PMR. In this article the text of the letter issued by the Record office of an Army Regiment which has been circulated to all Fmn HQ is reproduced below :-

Records AMC

All unit Concerned/Fmn HQ


1. Premature retirement from service on compassionate ground in respect of JCOs / OR of AMC / AD Corps is dealt as per guidelines issued by IHQ of MoD (Army) from time to time. Fwg are the docu reqd by AMC Records for obtaining dirns from competent authority:-

(a) Indi appl with all supporting doc duly recommended  by MG Med or
(b) Cert for non-involvment  In disciplinary case as per Appx ‘A’ to ROI 13/2014.
(c) Undertaking from the indl concerned regarding no representation will be processed to cancel the PR once sanctioned and the ind has counseled regarding effects of premature retirement on pensionery benefits.
(d) Cert from the CO / OC unit regarding submission of per tocu within one month on sanction of PR.

2. Recently a case has come to light that an NCO having a loan from AGIF, got sanctioned his PR on compassionate ground without liquidating the outstanding amt.  In order to avoid such incident in future, a no outstanding loan undertaking duly countersigned by CO/OC unit required to be forwarded alongwith the other forms, encl with personal application appI.

3. Therefore, It is requested that the envt be updated accordingly to avoid any inconvenience to the concerned pers in the last moment.

Signatory authority

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