Additional Pension for Senior Exservicemen : Proposed Change of the Rule

With effect from 1.1.2006, additional pension (as indicated below) is admissible to those pensioners / family pensioners who have completed 80 years or more as on 1.1.2006 

Age of pensioner/family pensioner Additional quantum of pension 

As per Exisitng orders following are the age criteria for additional pension to senior citizens-
From 80 yrs to less than 85 yrs  – 20% of revised basic pension / Family pension 
From 85 yrs to less than 90 yrs –  30% of revised basic pension / Family pension 
From 90 yrs to less than 95 yrs 40% of revised basic pension / Family pension 
From 95 yrs to less than 100 yrs 50% of revised basic pension / Family pension 
100 years or more 100% of revised basic pension / Family Pension. 

Recommended Reduction of age for grant of Additional Quantum of Pension

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice has recommended that the government should consider the reduction in age for the additional pension to the pensioners from 65 years of age. The recommended additional quantum of pension is 5% at age 65, 10% at age 70, 15% at age 75, and 20% at age 80 and remaining same. After financial approval of DoE, final orders will be released and all senior citizen pensioners above 65 years of age will get the additional pension.

Process of Pension Disbursing for Additional Pension

The following procedure will be adopted by the Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDA) for regulating this additional pension : 

In cases where the date of birth (DoB) is available in the PPO / pensioner’s records (ie., Descriptive Roll etc), the additional pension will be admitted straightaway by the PDA. 

For eg., if the DoB is 12.4.1926, additional pension @ 20% will be admitted from 1.4.2006 onwards.  

If date of Birth not available in PPO – How to grant additional Pension

In cases where DoB is NOT available in PPO/pensioner’s records, but age is available in the PPO / pension records, additional pension will be admitted from the January of the next year. 

For eg., if the age is shown as 36 yrs in the PPO issued in 1965 (say S/2352/1965), then the pensioner would have completed the age of 80 years in 2009. 

Therefore, additional pension at 20% will be admitted from 1.1.2010.  Additional pension can be admitted on the basis of DoB of the pensioner / family pensioner as intimated by the concerned Record Office/ IHQ MOD.  

In case, neither the age nor date of birth is available in the PPO/pension records, the pensioner has to produce age proof such as Passport, Driving Licence, CGHS/ ECHS Card, Matriculation Certificate, Voters ID Card. 

Based on the same, additional pension can be admitted provisionally for six months only, by the PDA.  The pensioner has to submit the attested age proof (4 copies) to his Record Office/ IHQ MOD to enable them to notify the DoB through a corrigendum PPO.  

In respect of Armed Forces PSU absorbees who are in receipt of 1/3rd restored pension, additional pension will be admitted on 1/3rd restored pension and not on full pension. 

In case a pensioner is in receipt of two pensions, additional pension is admissible on both the pensions.

Recently, govt has accepted revision of eligibility criteria for grant of additional pension.  The minimum for additional has been proposed to be reduced to 65 years.  

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