action after expire of army pensioner

It is natural that one who is born must die. We all have to leave this beautiful world one day. But what if we don’t make all arrangements for our next generation? In this article, we will know that when we leave this world, what steps should be taken by our next generation or our spouse so that the family pension and other benefits are properly received. Just have a look on the “ACTIONS BY WIFE OR NOK ON DEMISE OF AN EX-SERVICEMAN PENSIONER”. All are reqiuested to keep a print out of this instructions.

When an Exserviceman Pensioner expires, there are certain actions to be taken by the wife/Spouse/NOK. Commencement of family pension, entitlements and updating of records at all levels will depend on timely and correct intimation of the death.  After introduction of SPARSH System the process is now much easier to initiate death report and commencement of family pension.  For detailed process of how to report death of an exservicemen through SPARSH portal and detailed process of family pension initiation please click here.

Important Actions to be taken by Wife/Spouse/NOK on demise of an ESM

  • Obtain Medical Certificate for cause of death and Death Certificate.
  • Present yourself at the Bank Branch; deposit Iden Proof, live certificate and an undertaking for activation of pension in the existing pension joint a/c.
  • Submit Application along with death certificate to Pension Disbursement Authority (PDA)- DPDO/CPPC through your Bank. On migration to SPARSH, this action is online through SPARSH Portal as stated above.
  • Claim for Life Time Arrears (LTA).
  • Info Record Office/MP5 and PCDA (P).
  • Apply for Extended Insurance Cover with AGIF.
  • Apply for Demise grant with the concerned Station HQ (JCO & OR), and ADLRS with dependent CSD (All ranks).
  • Return ESM I cards to ZSB and Retd Offrs I Card to Stn HQ. Apply with ZSB for new I card for Spouse.
  1. Apply for primary membership of CSD.
  2. Write to insurance companies for relevant claims.
  3. Process transfer of all assets & property.
  4. Disposal of NSP weapon or any other arm.
  5. Clear outstanding dues on Credit Cards or any loan a/c.
  6. Claim for any insurance scheme attached to FD/ Bank balances or any other scheme as per the terms and conditions.
  7. Intimate death to Income Tax Department for closing the file.

Formats for certain application processes may be downloaded for guidance as per the link below:

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