Action steps after Migration to SPARSH

Action steps after Migration to SPARSH

Pensioner receives first message from his bank for migration of his pension
account to SPARSH. After receipt of migration message, the pensioner needs not to do anything extra from his side unless he does not receive Log in ID and password or does not find his mobile number and/or Aadhar number registered in SPARSH

After migration, now he starts to receive pension from SPARSH on last date of month or last working day of PCDA for the month which was not so earlier. He receives first pension from SPARSH on last date of same month of migration.

Now pensioner starts to receive monthly pension messages from his bank in different pattern which has words like NEFT, UTR, RBI, Principal Controller of Defence Accounts etc. in it and it does not show breakdown of pension as earlier.

Then he receives Log in ID and password from SPARSH through SMS and email. After receipt of log in ID and password, he/she should log in SPARSH portal, verify, validate with his/her Aadhaar Card and submit declaration. Receipt of Log in ID and password may vary from one week to one month after receipt of migration message.

After migration, the pensioner starts to receive pension messages through SMS and email from SPARSH Team in advance before 4 days of pension is to be credited.

In rare case, pensioner may not receive Log in ID and password due to non
transfer of mobile number and email ID properly during migration. In this case, you yourself can find out SPARSH PPO number from SPARSH portal through two easy options. In First Option, click on “Click Here” in Alert Pop Up appeared on screen for checking of identification. In Second Option, click on “To Know Identification Status Click here” at Serial ‘e’ on scrolling bar on top of portal. Now enter service number with check suffix and pension bank account number in any of these two options. If migrated, you will find your SPARSH PPO number, migration date, registration status of your mobile number and Aadhar number in SPARSH and other details here.

If you come to know your SPARSH PPO number through this method, you can make your SPARSH PPO number your log in ID by adding 01 (02 for family pensioner) as suffix to it and log in SPARSH portal with forgot password option and reset password.

In some cases, pensioner may not find his/her mobile number and/or Aadhar number registered in SPARSH. In this case, he/she should update these under Services tab in SPARSH portal without log in.

Now, complete initial log in with declarations, undertakings and PDV (Pensioner Data Verification.

In case of mismatch of name in Aadhaar vis a vis SPARSH, it will show Demographic Failure. In this case, upload Aadhaar on SPARSH Portal and it can be approved by Records for minor mismatches. Till approval of token, you will not be able to complete initial log in.
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