8th CPC Formation Latest News for Central Govt Employees and Pensioners

8th CPC will be formed in its expected scheduled period or not? It’s a most asked question raised by the central civil and Armed Forces serving and retired personnel.

In this article, we will discuss here about the present situation and govt initiative on the subject issue. From last two decades it has been observed that, Central Pay commission is formed at least 2 years in advance. Adopting this pattern of initiative, it may be expected that the 8rg CPC may be formed in Jan 2024.

However, in a parliamentary QnA session, the present govt had cleared the doubt that no such proposal is there regarding formation of 8th CPC. But the parliament authority has not denied the possibility of formation of 8th CPC.

Some serving persons have expressed their views that there merger of DA with Basic Pay, once it reached to 50%.

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