8th CPC formation in Coming Days : New Hope with New Term of Govt 

8th CPC formation latest news

33 Lakh Defence Pensioners, 17 Lakh Defence serving personnel , 11 lakh Paramilitary Forces, 31 Lakh Central Civil services Employees  and 33 Lakh Central Civil Services Pensioners are waiting for 8th CPC expected to be implemented on 01 Jan 2026.  

As per norms and previous practice, Recommendations of Central Pay Commission is generally implemented every 10 years to conduct a revision of pay and pension along with various allowances and perquisites. 

Since the 7th CPC was implemented in 2016, it can be expected that the 8th CPC will be implemented in January 2026.  Pay and pension revision is a huge volume of work and it requires a long period to observe and analyse the wages and pension system of various departments and contemporary counterparts in various countries.

Considering the time frame required and steps taken in earlier occasions, formation of the Pay Commission usually takes place at least 2 years in advance.  So, the 8th CPC should have been formed in January 2024 but not happen, due to forthcoming Lok Sabha Election.

Now, the election is over and a new government will also be formed in due course and it may be expected that, considering the result of the ruling Party in All India Platform, 8th CPC should be formed soon. 

With legitimate revision of pay and pension, lakhs of serving personnel and pensioners are waiting to get the good news from the Govt likely to get oath on 8th June 2024 for the 3rd Term of their ruling.    


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