80% Advance Payment by ECHS for Treatment of ESM in Hospitals of national Repute

In general, treatment of ECHS members are done at polyclinic, Empanelled Hospitals and Service Hospitals.  For severe nature of treatment at any Pvt Empanelled Hospital, the treatment is provided by the Hospital on cashless basis and claim is submitted by the Empanelled Hospitals after discharge of the patient. 

In some cases, when the patient is required to get his/her treatment from Govt Hospital  or Hospitals of national repute, advance payment is required for purchase of equipment/process, the ECHS pays the cost in advance upto 80%.

The amount will be paid to the treating hospital directly whereas balance amount can be claimed by the beneficiaries. There is also a provision of taking advance of Rs 10,000/- for minor ailments.

The FAQ available in the official website of ECHS in this matter is as described below :-

Q.  Can ECHS beneficiary draw monetary advance from ECHS for taking treatment?

Ans. A beneficiary can take advance from ECHS for undertaking treatment in Govt hospital/ Hospital of National Repute limited to 80% of the likely expenditure incurred through respective RC. The amount will be paid to the treating hospital directly. The balance amount can be claimed by the beneficiary after treatment.The veteran will have to get an estimate from the Government Hospital and fwd an application through the RC for approval of MD ECHS.

Some Good Comments on the Treatment facilituies provided by ECHS on various posts published in our website. Name of the persons are kept hidden due to personal secrecy.

 “ECHS has been a lifesaver for veterans like me. The comprehensive healthcare coverage and accessible treatment facilities have significantly eased the burden of medical expenses, ensuring that we receive the best care without financial worries.”

“I’m truly impressed with the efficiency of ECHS. The quick response and seamless coordination between the various healthcare providers make accessing medical services incredibly convenient for veterans and their families.”

“The ECHS treatment policy’s focus on preventive healthcare is commendable. Regular health check-ups and health camps not only help in early detection of health issues but also promote a healthier lifestyle among veterans.”

 “The ECHS treatment policy’s inclusion of modern medical technology and treatments ensures that veterans have access to the latest advancements in healthcare, thereby improving the quality of life for all beneficiaries.”

 “The ECHS treatment policy recognizes the diverse healthcare needs of veterans and offers a wide range of specialist consultations and services. This ensures that every veteran receives tailored and effective medical care.”

 “The provision of cashless treatment under ECHS simplifies the healthcare process for veterans. It eliminates the need for upfront payments and reimbursement claims, making medical treatment hassle-free.”

 “ECHS’s tie-ups with empanelled hospitals and clinics across the country provide veterans with a network of healthcare facilities, ensuring that they can access quality care regardless of their location.”

 “The ECHS treatment policy’s commitment to providing healthcare services not only to veterans but also to their dependents makes it a comprehensive and inclusive healthcare program for military families.”

“I appreciate the transparency and accountability in ECHS operations. The online portal and helpline services make it easy to navigate the system and resolve any concerns promptly.”

 “ECHS embodies the nation’s gratitude towards its veterans by ensuring their well-being through accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare services. It’s a testament to the country’s commitment to those who served.”