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415 Vacancy for Exserviceman without Written Exam Salary 50 K

Ex-servicemen belongs to Indian Army are recognized as confident with security matter expertise. In order to utilize the skill of the such manpower, you may apply for the post mentioned below :-

A leading Security and Facility management Company is seeking manpower for jobs at various Corporate House as per details mentioned below.

Details of the vacancy and salary

  • Site Location-Bandra to Borivali
  • Duty – 08 Hrs Per Day with weekly off.
  • Type of Duty – Guard – CTC Rs.30,000/-per month for 26 Days of duty every month.
  • Type of Duty – Revolver/Pistol Man- CTC Rs.40,000/-to Rs.50,000/-per month for 26 Days.
  • Uniform – free of cost
  • Age Limit – 35 to 50 Yrs.

List of Documents required. May send Email;

  • Copy of Aadhar Card Copy of Pan Card
  • Copy of School Leaving certificate/10th Mark Sheet Copy of Discharge Book
  • Copy of Card Passport Size photo.
  • Contact for details – Mr. Ali Mob : 9148806235

N. B. Publisher of this article has no relation with the reruiter. In case of any irregularities, we are not responsible. Information Source – Social Media advertisement.

Ex-servicemen (also known as veterans) often play a crucial role in the private security sector due to their training, experience, and discipline gained during their service in the military or other uniformed services. Their transition from the armed forces to the private security industry brings several benefits and attributes that make them valuable assets in this field:

Training and Expertise: Ex-servicemen undergo rigorous training in the military, which includes areas such as weapons handling, surveillance, first aid, crisis management, and more. This training equips them with skills that are directly transferable to the private security sector.

Discipline and Professionalism: Military personnel are accustomed to a structured and disciplined work environment. They bring this sense of order, punctuality, and dedication to their roles as private security guards, contributing to a professional and organized security operation.

Security Awareness: Ex-servicemen are trained to identify and assess security risks and threats. Their experience in handling various security situations, both routine and critical, can be valuable in maintaining a secure environment for clients and their assets.

Crisis Management: Veterans often have experience dealing with high-stress and emergency situations. This background is crucial in private security, where quick thinking and effective decision-making are essential during unexpected events.

Leadership Skills: Many ex-servicemen have held leadership positions during their military service. This leadership experience can be valuable when managing teams of security personnel and coordinating security operations.

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Adaptability: Military personnel are accustomed to adapting to different environments and situations. In the private security sector, they can adjust to diverse assignments and client requirements.

Physical Fitness: Military training typically emphasizes physical fitness, which is an asset in the physically demanding aspects of private security work.

Background Checks and Clearance: Ex-servicemen often have undergone thorough background checks and security clearances during their military service, making them more trustworthy candidates for security roles.

Teamwork and Communication: Military service involves working closely with teams and following communication protocols. These skills are vital in private security, where effective communication and collaboration are key.

Public Image: Hiring ex-servicemen can enhance a security company’s public image, as they are often seen as disciplined, trustworthy, and reliable individuals.

However, it’s important to note that while ex-servicemen bring many valuable qualities to the private security sector, they may also need additional training to adapt their military skills to the specific needs and regulations of the private security industry. Moreover, transitioning to a civilian career might also involve a period of adjustment for veterans, as the work environment and expectations can be different from military service. Top of Form

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