3500 Post for Ex-servicemen : New Reservation Policy

Meeting of Raksha Mantri’s Expert Committee has taken several decision among which one of the most important one is rehabilitation of ESM in Govt Jobs. In this article we will read the discussions on the issue and decision taken thereof.

Item No.8 
(a)                       Discussions. Most States/UTs provide reservation for ESM in State

Govt jobs. Some are providing reservation only in Group C & D jobs, whilst a few have extended reservation to all Groups. The members from states mentioned the respective schemes which are already in force. Some have sought clarity on the issue as the Gp D posts were abolished after VII CPC and some GP C posts were upgraded to Gp B. It was brought out by members from UTs that DoPT needs to clarify on this issue, The issue of under utilisation of the reservations was also brought out and the need for having an ESM reservation monitoring mechanism in each State was suggested. The following points were brought out by various dignitaries:-

                                      Lt. Gen (Dr) DP Vats .Retd . MP Rajya Sabha ,   There is a requirement to conduct detailed study into the availability of ESM Reservation and its utilisation pattern to formulate effective policies for its implementation.

         Lt Gen C Bansi  PVSM AVSM, VSM, Adjutant

General. Due to horizontal reservation all the available vacancies for ESM do not get filled up.  Four States have no Reservation for ESM. These aspects need to be looked into.

Shri Prasad I.A.S representative of Bihar. Govt of Bihar has Introduced a alternate reservation policy on special vacancy instead of genOral reservation. There is a special Auxiliary Police Battalion with 3500 posts reserved for Veterans.

            Ms Padma Jaiswal representative of Puducherry. .Govt of Puducherry provides ESM reservation in Gp D (20%) and Gp C (10%). However, Post 7th CPC, Gp D Posts have either been abolished or upgraded to Gp C Posts which is causing problems in providing full vacancies to the ESM. in this connection Govt of Puducherry has already written letter to DoPT.


All states are requested to provide reservation for ESM in State Govt institutions/ PSUs and also consider offering of their Milk Federation run milk booths/ parlour as a resettlement option.

States/UTs should set up a monitoring mechanism – dedicated officers to monitor the utilisation of ESM reservations.

States should formulate their Master Rosters for ESM Reservation to smoothen the process for identification & filling up of ESM vacancies in various States/UTs, Ministry/ Dept

States may consider award of Graduation Certificates to EMI through State Universities, as being done by Andhra University & Punjab University

Action By, State Govts/ UTs, DESW/  DGR