2% Reservation in Gp A Gazetted Officer Post for Ex-servicemen

Most of the states and Central Govt provides reservation for Ex-servicemen only in Gp D and Gp C Posts (Peon, Clerk and Constable/equivalent posts).  Whereas it is well known to all that the Defence personnel PBOR  has already proved their capability to perform better than the Civilian entry in Gp A and B Services in several department of states and  Country.

As per information available in the official website of DGR, Govt India, Ministry of Defence , the Assam Cabinet recently decided to reserve 2% jobs in Government’s top two grades, Clss I and Class II  for ex-servicemen in an attempt to introduce military work discipline in the state bureaucracy.

In the Cabnet meeting at Sarania Hills at Guwahati’s historic Gandhi Mandap, the Hon’ble CM of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that “We want retired officers of the Armed Forces to come and join the government to create a new work culture in the government” . The cabinet also decided to do away with the optional papers in Assam Public Service Commission examination for recruitment to state’s civil  police and allied services.

Latest Reservation Policy for Ex-Servicemen in Govt Jobs

Earlier, Punjab, Himachal and Rajasthan govt has already provided reservation for Ex-servicemen for recruitment in various department.   It is expected that very soon all the states, UPSC, SSC, Bank, Rail and other Govt Dept/PSU will provide similar reservation in Officer Grade for Exservicemen.

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